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In France, we have three sites that cover a wide range of activities – including R&D, Production, Maintenance, Marketing, Sales, Quality, Hygiene, Safety, Environment, Logistics, Technology and Administration. A lot of possibilities for you to work with us!

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You can find our global headquarters for elastomers at Romans-sur-Isère, where we develop, manufacture and market polyurethane products for a variety of industries, including offshore wind and construction.

Romans-sur-Isère is divided into 2 production types: chemical systems and casting machines. Machinery activity is specialized in low pressure equipment for polyurethane casting – the site and its technology is recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer and it exports to over 70 countries.

The Fos-sur-Mer manufacturing site produces polyols, which are a key raw material for polyurethane foams used in the furniture and auto industries. And last but not least: At Neuilly sur Seine you’ll find the center for our commercial and technical consulting activities in France.

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