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      Building cities for people
      We create the materials the future is made of.
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      3D printing in a new dimension
      Covestro makes additive manufacturing fit for serial production.

      Covestro – leading in material solutions

      Covestro is a world-leading supplier of high-tech polymer materials: innovative, sustainable and diverse.

      Thanks to our global presence and close proximity to our customers, we are the partner of choice for a wide variety of industries. Our products and application solutions are used in many areas of modern life.

      In line with our vision “To make the world a brighter place,” we work on solutions to the challenges of our time – to push the boundaries of what is possible.

      We help make cars lighter so they save fuel. Our insulation systems protect buildings against the heat and cold to reduce energy consumption. In entertainment electronics, our products support functionality, safety and sleek design.





      Latest Stock Price
      Results for 2nd Quarter 2019
      All information and documents for the second quarter 2019 can be found here.

      Explore our Solution Center and discover practical and inspirational content that takes you from challenge to solution in no time.


      Browse products via application, material, region and more with our intelligent product finder.

      Electronics, electrical & appliances

      In electronic, electrical and appliance applications including battery housings and insulation, device cases, screens or light panels, we provide dedicated raw materials for thermoplastics, foams, films, elastomers, TPU, composites and more.


      We serve a range of applications in the automotive industry including interior and exterior elements, lighting, seating and electric vehicle battery (EVB) packaging, using dedicated raw materials for coatings and adhesives, thermoplastics, foams, films, composites and more.


      We help develop applications in the construction market such as insulation, flooring, roofs, walls, facades, doors, windows or pipelines with our dedicated raw materials for coatings and adhesives, thermoplastics, foams, composites and more.

      Media & Investors

      News releases, photos, videos, and media events. Covestro share and stock exchange listing, investor news, presentations and financial earnings calendar.
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