Fully Circular

Circular Economy – Closing the Loop

Alternative Raw Materials

Biomass, CO₂, used materials, and waste can replace fossil resources.

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Innovative Recycling

Energy-efficient technologies allow more used products and waste to be recycled.

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Renewable Energy

Wind and sun: Clean energy must power the Circular Economy.

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Joint Solutions

Cross-industry collaboration is needed to bring the Circular Economy forward.

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Covestro in China

Covestro is among the world’s leading polymer companies. Business activities are focused on the manufacture of high-tech polymer materials and the development of innovative, sustainable solutions for products used in many areas of daily life. In doing so, Covestro is fully committed to the circular economy. The main industries served are the automotive and transportation industries, construction, furniture and wood processing, as well as electrical, electronics, and household appliances industries. Other sectors include sports and leisure, cosmetics, health and the chemical industry itself. Covestro has been in China for a long history, providing high performance materials and innovative solutions to meet customers’ needs with a full range of business activities including R&D, manufacturing and sales. Browse this site to learn more about our company, our products and our pursuit to become fully circular…


  • Solid performance and an increasingly challenging environment

    – Group sales rise to EUR 4.7 billion (+18.9%) – EBITDA of EUR 547 million (–33.0%) above own guidance – eNet income totals EUR 199 million (–55.7%) – Free operating cash flow (FOCF) falls to EUR –462 million – Full-year guidance 2022 adjusted

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  • Covestro breaks ground on two new production facilities in Shanghai

    – New lines for polyurethane dispersions and elastomers to meet rising demand – Total investment of a mid-double-digit million euro amount – New plants increase the scale of the largest production site of Covestro

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  • Covestro supports circular material solutions for smartphones

    Use of partly recycled thermoplastic polyurethanes and polycarbonates – Material solutions reduce greenhouse gas emissions – In line with Fairphone's modular design philosophy

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  • Covestro signs first global agreement to supply mass-balanced TDI to Sinomax

    Covestro has signed its first commercial contract for supplying its ISCC Plus certified polyurethane raw material TDI from mass-balanced feedstock to Sinomax, a global manufacturer and distributor of polyurethane-based comfort products.

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  • Covestro starts offering the world's first climate- neutral* polycarbonate

    Selected Makrolon® RE grades are climate-neutral* from cradle to gate – Drop-in solution with constant product quality – A major step towards meeting climate and sustainability targets

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  • Covestro receives the German Design Award for its CMF Aesthetics Toolkit

    The goal is to inspire designers through the aesthetics and functionality of polycarbonate.

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  • Products

    Browse products via application, material, region and more with our intelligent product finder.

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  • Electro & Electronics

    With our materials, devices become more efficient, durable and beautiful.

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  • Automotive

    Our products help to make cars lighter and friendlier to the environment.

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  • Construction

    We support sustainable building by providing materials for insulation.

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Working at Covestro in China

Covestro has been in China for a long history, providing high performance materials and innovative solutions to meet customers’ needs.



  • Innovation

    My Future City

    Construction and Urbanization – We push the boundaries of materials to build cities of the future.

  • MyFutureCity

    Smart Infrastructure

    What would it take to develop infrastructure that not only fixes problems but also prevents them?

  • MyFutureCity

    Efficient Construction

    How can we construct our cities in a way that’s both more efficient and more sustainable than today?

  • MyFutureCity

    Future Mobility

    What role do materials play in improving our future commutes?

  • MyFutureCity

    Innovative Insulation

    Are there ways to make our buildings more energy efficient from the get-go?

  • MyFutureCity

    Sustainable Power Supply

    What would it take to make the way we power our cities cleaner and more efficient than today?

  • MyFutureCity

    Urban Resilience

    What strategies will help us to build resilient cities that are able to withstand future challenges?

Sustainability & Innovation

  • Sustainability

    CO₂ as a raw material

    A Covestro technology turns CO₂ into home comforts.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainable Solutions

    A new high-performance thermoplastic (HPT) developed by Covestro and partners is one of our many innovations in sustainability.

  • Sustainability


    At Covestro Sustainability is a core element of the mission, and an integral part of the strategy. We therefore align our entrepreneurial conduct in its entirety with sustainability. Learn more!

  • Innovation

    3D Printing

    3D printing promises a revolution in industrial manufacturing. Covestro innovations deliver what’s missing so far: a variety of printing materials.

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