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      Joint Solutions – Cooperation in the Circular Economy

      Shifting to a global Circular Economy is a large-scale project that can only be achieved through collaboration. Society, businesses, and governments will have to cooperate across borders and continents. Different industry sectors must join forces, and within these sectors, individual players will have to work together find and implement practical new solutions. With its Circular Economy program, Covestro strives to play a part in enabling the collaboration that will drive global sustainability forward.

      To find the best Circular Economy solutions, our company aims to cooperate with players throughout the value chain. We believe that the Circular Economy can open up new business opportunities, value paths, and relationships beyond our current B2B models.

      European Solidarity

      The Circular Plastics Alliance aims to drive plastic recycling across Europe.

      As part of the EU Circular Plastics Alliance founded in 2019, we collaborate with numerous other organizations that help push plastic recycling forward throughout Europe. The Alliance, which was created by the European Commission, brings together 100 partners from across the value chain – including plastic manufacturers and processors like Covestro, large retailers, and waste management and recycling companies. By 2025, the Alliance aims for ten million tons of recycled plastic to be used across Europe each year.

      New Concepts and Technologies

      We are also active in the Circularise PLASTICS partnership, a groundbreaking initiative developing new ways to trace plastics back to their origin using block chain technology. To develop this solution, we are working with polyamide supplier DOMO and start up Circularise, an expert in supply chain transparency.

      Together Against Plastic Waste

      Logo Alliance to End Plastic Waste
      Covestro is a member of Alliance to End Plastic Waste, a global network of businesses.

      To stop the flow of plastic waste into our rivers and oceans, Covestro is collaborating with other businesses. Due to improper waste management, plastic pollution is a challenge of global proportions, with countries across Africa and Asia being particularly in need of answers.

      With so much waste, it’s easy for plastic to become vilified. But plastic itself isn’t the problem. In fact, high-quality plastics are problem-solvers, providing answers for renewable energy, environmentally-friendly mobility, and sustainable building. At Covestro, we are convinced plastics are far too valuable to end up in the environment. All waste should be regarded and used as a resource.

      To help turn the tide on plastic pollution, Covestro is part of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, a global network of companies active since 2019. Because there is no one single answer to the issue of plastic waste, the initiative tackles the waste problem from a variety of angles: Introducing and developing infrastructure, promoting innovative technology and solutions, educating and empowering nations and citizens, and cleaning plastic waste from the environment.

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      Alternative Raw Materials

      Biomass, CO₂, used materials, and waste can replace fossil resources.

      Innovative Recycling

      Energy-efficient technologies allow more used products and waste to be recycled.

      Renewable Energy

      Wind and sun: Clean energy must power the Circular Economy.

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