Cooperation with universities and institutes

A strong network

Collaboration makes us stronger: the internal research and innovation activities of Covestro are supplemented by an international network of partnerships with leading universities, institutes and other companies. This helps to quickly transform promising new ideas into successful products.
Working with like-minded partners is part of the Covestro success story.

Working with like-minded partners is part of the Covestro success story. The know-how and expertise gleaned by the company provide important new routes to market.

Covestro cooperates with many universities, colleges and institutes on five continents. In line with the principle of open innovation, the company also works with spin-offs and start-ups in academic settings. These collaborations are concentrated in Europe, the United States, China and Japan, and focus on topics such as renewable raw materials, energy from renewable sources and new composite materials for applications in lightweight construction.

Among the partners are Germany’s RWTH Aachen University and the CAT Catalytic Center, one of the world’s leading institutes for catalysis research. In China, Covestro collaborates with Tongji University in Shanghai. We also support research activities with partners in the United States, including renowned American universities.

In science, Covestro plays leading and consulting roles in numerous publicly funded projects. The company also participates in professional associations and bodies such as the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (German Chemical Society) and the American Chemical Society in the United States. Covestro also gains important momentum for innovation from partnerships with customers and other sectors, including the “future_bizz” network of companies.