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      Waste as a Raw Material – Recycling Instead of Disposing

      When they reach the end of their lives, products shouldn't be tossed in the trash or dumped in landfills. Instead, waste should be viewed and used as a valuable material resource. In the future, recycled consumer items and industrial waste could become some of the most important raw materials for the plastics industry. But to better reuse these sustainable materials, waste disposal, collection systems and recycling technologies must be greatly improved and redesigned. That way, today's waste can become tomorrow's resource.

      Together with our partners, we have developed an innovative recycling concept for plastic waste: Used water bottles made from high-performance plastic polycarbonate are broken down into their material components so they can be reused. This concept relies on a new kind of collaboration across the value chain: First, consumers return the bottles to the mineral water supplier. From there, the bottles are sent back to the manufacturer, where they are cleaned and shredded. Next, Covestro receives the components, which we use to produce plastic granules. Finally, the granulate material is utilized in electronic products such as laptops, printers, and copiers.

      Laptops aus Plastikflaschen
      New recycling concept: turning water bottles into laptops.

      More Information

      Find out more about our polycarbonate grades from post-consumer recycled (PCR) content such as water bottles, CDs and automotive lighting.

      PCR products
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