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Hands-on chemistry

Make way for young professionals: At the Covestro Science Lab in Leverkusen, secondary and university students get the opportunity to shine. They can put their creative ideas about plastics under optimal working conditions into practice. Participants are more than welcome to take their finished products home with them at the end of the day.

The Covestro Science Lab will remain closed until further notice due to the Corona pandemic. We will reopen our lab to interested school classes in due course. If there are any changes at short notice, we will contact you regarding an alternative date.

For one day, Covestro Science Lab enables groups of school children and students to experience the various steps involved in making plastic products – and gain an insight into the workings of a modern company. In the lab, they can design, develop and produce everyday objects, such as colorful cups, egg spoons or egg cups.

Teamwork for success

Students can choose between five teams with different tasks. The research team tracks down the right material. The design team deals with colors, effects, textures and shapes. Raw materials procurement, the right machine settings and efficient manufacturing are a challenge for the engineering team. The finance team makes sure the numbers are correct, while the communications team is responsible for smooth collaboration between all the teams and for presenting the results.

The Covestro Science Lab is located in the heart of the Chempark in Leverkusen, surrounded by enormous manufacturing plants and production buildings. The authentic environment – the school children are only permitted access to plant grounds when they have been issued a visitor ID – creates the ideal setting for learning and new experiences. We give all participants in the student laboratory a glimpse of the practical working world and a new view of what it's like to work in the natural sciences. A day at the Covestro Science Lab can thus be very helpful for participants in their search for a traineeship or career opportunities.

The injection molding machine is a true highlight for visitors. Participants can use the machine to experience first-hand how an idea ultimately becomes a finished product. However, before they get going, secondary and university sudents start off by discussing prominent examples of everyday products and industry sectors. Which products am I familiar with? What is inside these products?

Ideal learning conditions at the Covestro Science Lab

This helps to make the connection between the products themselves and the materials which will also be used in the student laboratory and product development. The goal is to address school children on their own level, linking their experiences with those of the company. This approach differs depending on the children's age and grade, and the type of school they attend.

During the day, participants can enjoy a joint lunch to "refuel" their energy. This also gives them plenty of time to talk about the impressions and experiences that they have had throughout the day.

Daily schedule: an exciting day in the Covestro Science Lab

  • 08:45 AM

    Arrive at Covestro. The school group is met by a Covestro Science Lab team member, issued plant IDs and escorted to the student laboratory.

  • 09:00 AM

    After a welcoming address, the day's agenda is presented in the first group meeting and the participants find out what awaits them at Covestro Science Lab. And it's a lot!

  • 09:15 AM

    The children are then divided into five teams based on their preferences, and ages: research, design, technology, finance and communication. The teams need to be focused, goal-oriented and proactive in their work in order to be able to take their self-manufactured product home with them at the end of the day.

  • 11:30 AM

    An interim report is discussed in the first group meeting: What have the individual groups come up with? What still needs to be done? What problems occurred? How can they be resolved?

  • 12:00 PM

    This will be followed by a joint lunch, in which the participants will have plenty of time to gather new ideas for the second part of the program.

  • 2:00 PM

    Continuation of the morning's work at the student laboratory, i.e. further research, design and production.

  • 3:15 PM

    Recap of the day: What did the children think of the day? What did they like or not like? What kind of experience did they gain? What new ideas will they take home with them?

  • 4:15 PM

    The end of an exciting day of new experiences at the Covestro Science Lab. Participants can take their results home with them.

Questions and Answers

Are you interested in visiting the Covestro Science Lab, but you still have a few questions? No problem! This section answers some frequently asked questions.

Why visit the Covestro Science Lab?

At the Covestro Science Lab, participants have the unique opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at a global DAX company. Thus, a visit to the Covestro Science Lab is a unique opportunity to experiment and implement projects under ideal working conditions. During the day, they can find out what their personal strengths are and dicover training positions or career oppertunities that they might be interested in. And teachers benefit just as much, by enjoying an all-new experience with their students.

Who can visit the lab?

The Covestro Science Lab is a great way to experience chemistry in a real-life setting, and is designed primarily for secondary school students (from the 9th grade), incoming interns, and university students. However, teachers and friends and family members of customers and employees will certainly also enjoy their stay at the lab.

How many classes can I register to participate each semester?

Because of the high demand for our programs, you can register only one class or group per semester at the Covestro Science Lab. We apologize for this limitation, but we would like to enable as many schools andinstitutions as possible to have a day at our Science Lab.

What is the maximum number of participants in a program at Covestro Science Lab?

The ideal group size is between 18 and 24 participants. The size of a group is limited to a maximum of 30 participants (including teachers and supervisors). Teamwork is very important in our Covestro Science Lab courses. Large groups make teamwork more difficult, and it frequently is hard for the students to achieve the educational objectives of the program. The feeling of working in a real company also gets lost in a large group.

Can I also bring an 8th grade class to the Covestro Science Lab?

You are welcome to bring your 8th graders if all of them are at least 14 years old. Due to Chempark regulations and the German Youth Protection Act, no exceptions can be made to this minimum age limit. A visit is particularly useful for classes as a career guidance activity.

Can participants also receive information on career and vocational training opportunities?

They certainly can! Please state this request when you register your group. We can offer a roughly one-hour information event on vocational and academic career opportunities at Covestro and Currenta.

How can I register for a course?

You can only register online for a course in the Covestro Science Lab. Please visit our registration portal for further information. In urgent cases, you may also send an e-mail to Ms. Catherine Henke.

How far in advance can I book a program?

We usually accept registrations around the time of the Easter and fall holidays for the subsequent school semester. The exact dates will be posted here on our website. Exceptions are made for groups that need to plan an overnight stay, e.g in a youth hostel. Such groups are welcome to plan farther in advance. Please state this request when you inquire about available dates.

Is the Covestro Science Lab open to visitors all week long?

For organizational reasons, we only have dates available on the following weekdays: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

What do I need to do before my visit?

Please send us a list of names of all participants, teachers and supervisors no later than two weeks prior to your confirmed visit. Please inform all program participants that they are required to wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes in the student laboratory.

Should we split up the group into teams before our scheduled visit?

Please do not! The groups need not be of the same size. It is important to us that the participants divide up into teams themselves. As the day progresses, they take responsibility for the success of their teamwork. To this end, it is important that joining a certain group is voluntary. If they fail to form teams, or if a team is too small, then we can show them how we deal with such situations in the company.

If you have further questions on the content and topics we offer, you are welcome to contact us:

Catherine Henke

Catherine Henke

Team Assistant/Coordination Covestro Science Lab


The Covestro Science Lab welcomes around 3,000 course participants each year. If you are interested in visiting the lab, please use our online registration Portal. In addition to an overview of course dates, it also provides all relevant information for traveling to Leverkusen.

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