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Dream factory in Dormagen

The Circular Economy is already in full swing at Covestro's Dormagen site. In its "Dream Production", Covestro applies a process that uses carbon dioxide (CO₂) as raw material for plastics production. This saves fossil-based resources such as crude oil in a sustainable manner, benefiting the climate.

Dormagen is the headquarters of the Managing Director of Covestro’s facilities in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). With 595 acres, it is Covestro's largest production site in North Rhine-Westphalia. Around 1,850 committed and experienced employees work at the site. They manufacturing precursor chemicals used in many everyday applications, such as furniture, sporting goods, car parts and personal ID cards. Covestro is setting new standards for efficiency and environmental sustainability.




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North Rhine-Westphalia is particularly important to the company. Together, the NRW sites in Dormagen, Leverkusen and Krefeld-Uerdingen represent around 30 percent of Covestro‘s global production capacity. The three sites form a site network, meaning that they jointly organize maintenance, infrastructure, logistics, warehousing and services. This results in more streamlined processes, more efficient production and better cost-competitiveness.

A colorful landmark for Dormagen

The Covestro plant facility in Dormagen is located directly along the Rhine. It is easy to find, partially due to the colorful piece of industrial art that looks like it’s made of toy building blocks. It was painted in high-visibility Covestro colors in 2017. The unique thing about the artwork is that it has a practical purpose, as it is also a 35-meter-high and 69-meter-long high-bay warehouse.

Every day, forklifts drive into and out of the warehouse, loading and organizing goods and products. Just like building blocks, all of the individual steps performed here join to create one harmonious overall picture. The factory building, designed by graffiti artist Martin Heuwold, symbolizes one thing above all: Covestro has the courage to implement new ideas. Raising the curtain on Covestro's largest production site in NRW.

The Circular Economy starts in Dormagen

Covestro is harnessing carbon dioxide (CO₂) as a raw material on its “Dream Production” line at the Dormagen plant. There, an innovative process is used to manufacture a CO₂-based pre-product, called polyol. Its applications include polyurethane soft foams for mattresses and furniture, as well as bonding agents for sports flooring. Polyols contain up to 20 percent CO₂. This replaces the same quantity of crude oil, which was the raw material previously used in plastic production.

Getting dressed with CO₂: Together, Covestro and RWTH Aachen have succeeded in manufacturing carbon dioxide-based elastic textile fibers.

The new material, which Covestro manufactures in Dormagen under the name cardyon®, is a true all-around performer. Textiles are the first application for the product. Covestro has now succeeded in manufacturing elastic CO₂-based fibers with cardyon® alongside its partners. These fibers can be used, for instance, in stockings and medical textiles, thereby replacing commonly available elastic fibers manufactured from crude oil.

Covestro wants to expand research on other projects related to construction, driving and cooling with CO₂. The goal is to save even more fossil raw materials, while manufacturing as many kinds of CO₂-based plastics as possible. Raw materials made in Dormagen are helping to save resources and foster the Circular Economy.

Resource-saving soft foam production (TDI)

Another focus of production at the site in Dormagen is the raw material toluene diisocyanate (TDI). Together with polyols, it forms the basis for polyurethane soft foam. TDI has been produced in Dormagen since 1964, meaning the material has a long tradition at the site. The production capacity for TDI operations in Dormagen is sufficient to produce 200,000 mattresses every day. Additionally, manufacturers of vehicle seats, shoulder pads, and bra cups also use the liquid raw material TDI to produce soft foams.

TDI is the preliminary product used in polyurethane soft foams, and is used to make mattresses, for instance.

A modern, large-scale TDI facility capable of producing 300,000 tons of per year has been in operation in Dormagen since 2015. Thanks to gas phase technology developed by Covestro, it reduces energy-use by up to 60 percent and requires up to 80 percent less solvents in production, making it both efficient and environmentally friendly.

Innovative coating raw materials

Covestro produces raw materials for high-quality coatings at its own LPD operation (Lack Polyisocyanate Dormagen). These serve as the basis for coatings that offer not only great-looking color, but are also hard and elastic at the same time. This protects the surfaces of buildings and steel structures against corrosion. Such coatings can extend the lifespan of bridges, airplanes and wind turbines.

Drivers of the energy revolution: high-performance coatings based on raw materials from Covestro significantly extend the lifespan of wind turbines.

In addition, Covestro is transitioning to solvent-free water-based coatings in Dormagen. Coating hardeners from Covestro are made of up to 70 percent biomass. These are highly efficient and high-performing, while remaining environmentally friendly as they save fossil-based resources.

Competence center for specialty films

In the Specialty Films area, Covestro's employees manufacture polycarbonate films to be used in applications such as automotive interiors and medical technology. In addition, the products play a key role in ID documents like driver’s licenses or personal ID cards. Innovative specialty films from Covestro allow the integration of new safety features that make such documents even more resistant to forgery. Covestro opened the new film plant in Dormagen in 2017.

Dormagen is home to a specialty films competence center.

Over the years, Dormagen has established itself as a competence center for specialty films. Production facilities, an upscaling plant for film processing, a showroom, and research laboratories are all in close proximity. In light of the increasing demand in this area, Covestro is investing in developing new co-extrusion plants which are able to manufacture multi-layer, high-quality polycarbonate flat films.

All of this proves that Dormagen is an innovative production and research location that stands out for its enormous diversity. Covestro's innovative technologies and processes continue to set new standards for sustainability. By doing so, the company is making a key contribution to global climate and environmental protection. It is also fulfilling its mission and purpose: to make the world a brighter place.

Dormagen over the years

  • 2021

    Hydrogen lighthouse project with Hydrogenious LOHC Technology

    The world's largest plant for storing green hydrogen in liquid organic carriers is being built in Dormagen. Covestro will provide the site area and, in the future, the green hydrogen to partner company Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies.

  • 2020

    Pilot project for the use of AI

    Covestro is launching a pilot project to use artificial intelligence (AI) in the production process of polyesters. The use of AI will create free production capacities and reduce energy consumption.

  • 2019

    Inauguration of the co-extrusion plants

    Inauguration of new co-extrusion plants that can be used to manufacture multi-layer flat films.

  • 2018

    Covestro is listed on the DAX stock exchange

    Covestro AG was listed in Germany's leading stock index, the DAX, on March 19th, 2018. This means Covestro is one of Germany's 30 largest, highest-earning publicly traded companies.

  • 2016

    Start of Dream Production

    Global innovation: Covestro launches the first production line using carbon dioxide as the raw material for plastics production.

  • 2015

    Covestro founded

    On September 1st, Bayer MaterialScience becomes a separate legal entity operating under the name Covestro. Covestro AG makes its debut on the stock market on October 6th.

  • 2014

    Large-scale TDI plant in Dormagen

    After two and a half years of construction, a large-scale, modern toluene diisocyanate (TDI) plant is launched, with a production capacity of 300,000 tons per year.

  • 2004

    Founding of Bayer MaterialScience AG

    As part of its corporate restructuring, Bayer spins off its material sciences division and Bayer MaterialScience AG is founded as a separate legal entity.

  • 1950 - 1969

    Start of construction for the DSD plant

    The Dormagen plant begins making polyamide as well as polyacrylic fibers. Bayer and German BP unite to found Erdölchemie GmbH. Production of TDI begins. This raw material is essential for making polyurethane soft foams. The DSD plant (Desmophen-Anlage Dormagen) is built to manufacture polyester.

  • 1926

    Market launch of copper rayon fibers (cupro)

    Bayer rolls out the Dormagen-made cupro fiber. A related product follows in 1934, making silk stockings affordable.

  • 1917

    Plant founding

    Produciton of sulphuric and picric acid starts in Dormangen on August 25th.

Covestro in Dormagen

Covestro – A good neighbor

Living together in harmony is very important to Covestro. This is why the company actively seeks out dialog and maintains close contacts with neighbors at its production sites. At Covestro, safety comes first. The company is dedicated to reducing risks for our employees and neighbors and to ensuring safe production processes. Additional information is available on the Chempark Dormagen website.

Safety Brochure

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