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The materials manufacturer has been operating a new site in Meppen since 2021. This step will make the company one of the world's leading suppliers of high-quality synthetic resins.

Covestro is paving the way for a successful future: the company has been operating a new site in Meppen since April 2021. This move was made possible by the acquisition of the Resins & Functional Materials (RFM) business unit from Royal DSM.

The acquisition considerably broadens the materials manufacturer's portfolio in the field of synthetic resins – positioning it as one of the world's leading suppliers in this important market. There are more than 100 employees at Covestro Resins (Germany) GmbH who ensure smooth operations on the various production lines. With their tireless efforts, it is they who often make the crucial difference.






different products manufactured

The site in Meppen has been committed to sustainable and efficient production for more than 65 years. In the long term, the team wants to work on avoiding waste and reusing more products. This approach is based on the many creative solutions developed by the employees themselves. They make a significant contribution to value creation. The goal is to be a little better every day. With this attitude, Covestro Resins (Germany) GmbH aims to be one of the industry's flagship sites.

The state-of-the-art systems primarily produce high-quality synthetic resins. They are used in the paints, coatings and plastics industries, among others. The product portfolio now consists of more than 250 products.

The multifaceted innovations developed by Covestro Resins (Germany) GmbH are manufactured for a wide range of applications. While the solventborne polyesters provide the basis for coating metal plates and cans, the waterborne polyurethane dispersions are the basis for the production of facade and dispersion wall paints. The team in Meppen also supplies other specialties to the market – for instance, raw materials for the printing industry or a reusable carpet adhesive.

More information about the site in Meppen

Focus on digitalizing production

The site in Meppen wants to reap the benefits of digitization. To do so, the team has developed a comprehensive roadmap. Digital technologies are to be used, among other things, to optimize processes in production.

In particular, the evaluation of large data sets enables work steps to be designed more efficiently and new value creation potential to be unleashed. In future, employees will have real-time access to all key performance indicators at a glance on automated dashboards.

There are also plans to establish a 5G infrastructure in the long term. This will not only facilitate the use of mobile devices and applications, but also elevate the networking of machines to an entirely new level.

Strong team cohesion in Meppen

The site in Meppen is known for its strong team cohesion. It is not uncommon for several generations of one family to work for the company. This is one of the reasons why respect, honesty and passion are so important at the site.

The family environment is the foundation for its continuing success story. With its unique "can do" mentality, the team is constantly setting new standards in the chemical industry. All employees can play a key role in continuing the success story at the Meppen site.

With this mindset, for example, the site is in a position to keep developing in terms of safety technology. The plants on site meet the high safety requirements of the authorities at all times.

Swallow hotel emphasizes sustainability concept

For the employees in Meppen, sustainability is the central theme – even beyond production. In 2020, the team built a swallow hotel in a natural garden on the site premises. Swallows typically nest on the facades of houses under the protection of the eaves. As of now, the swallow hotel in Meppen offers the birds an additional retreat.

Covestro Resins (Germany) GmbH continues to focus on climate-friendly and resource-conserving production. With its innovative synthetic resins, the team is making a contribution to improving the sustainability performance of its customers a little bit more every day. Nothing is expected to change in this regard in the future.

Even more! Covestro is aiming for operational climate neutrality by 2035. By then, net-zero emissions from our own production (Scope 1) and from purchased energy (Scope 2) are to be achieved. Upstream and downstream greenhouse gas emissions in the value chain (Scope 3) are also to be significantly reduced by 2035 – in the long term, Covestro aims to achieve climate neutrality for Scope 3 emissions by 2050.

A look at Meppen over the years

  • 2022

    65 years Meppen

    In May 2022, the Meppen site has been celebrating its 65th anniversary. 200 guests honor the site for more than half a century of sustainable and efficient production of synthetic resins.

  • 2021

    DSM Kunstharze Meppen becomes part of the Covestro family

    Covestro acquires DSM Kunstharze Meppen GmbH and becomes one of the world's leading suppliers of sustainable coating resins. The acquisition enables Covestro to increase Group sales by around EUR 1 billion and continues the company's sustainable growth strategy.

  • 2018

    Covestro one of the DAX 30 companies

    A mere three years after the company was founded, Covestro AG is admitted to the DAX, Germany's leading index, on March 19, 2018. Capacity expansion in Meppen in the area of specialty products.

  • 2015

    Bayer MaterialScience becomes Covestro

    Bayer MaterialScience AG becomes Covestro AG on September 1, 2015. The company is henceforth legally independent. The company's headquarters remain in Leverkusen. Covestro AG officially goes public on October 6, 2015.

  • 2008

    Capacity expansion in production

    Due to rising demand, the Meppen site decides to invest further in additional polyester capacity.

  • 2004

    The birth of Bayer MaterialScience AG

    Bayer AG realigns itself. As a result, Bayer MaterialScience AG becomes an independent and legally autonomous company.

  • 1983

    Acquisition by Royal DSM

    The Dutch company Royal DSM acquires the Scado Group and becomes DSM Coating Resins.

  • 1956

    Foundation of Kunststoffindustrie Meppen GmbH

    Start of plastics production in Meppen: As part of Scado Zwolle, Kunststoffindustrie Meppen GmbH starts operations.

Covestro in Germany

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Covestro – A good neighbor

Living together in harmony is very important to Covestro. This is why the company is actively seeking dialog with its neighbors at the production sites. At Covestro, safety comes first. The company is dedicated to reducing risks for our employees and neighbors and to ensuring safe production processes.

Neighborhood information

More information about Covestro in Meppen:

Covestro Resins (Germany) GmbH
Am Kreisforst 1
49716 Meppen

+49 5931 1560

Learn more about Covestro sites in Germany

  • Germany


    Covestro's headquarters in Leverkusen houses the company's administration, research and production facilities.

  • Germany


    Dormagen is the largest and one of the most modern Covestro sites in Germany.

  • Germany


    Covestro's Krefeld-Uerdingen location is a leader in manufacturing high-tech plastics like polycarbonate.

  • Germany


    Covestro produces not only the rigid foam component MDI in Brunsbüttel, but also operates the Covestro Industrial Park Brunsbüttel.

  • Germany


    Covestro's Bomlitz site is a global leader in manufacturing thermoplastic elastomer films.

  • Germany

    Site network in North Rhine-Westphalia

    The site network in North Rhine-Westphalia was established in July 2010 to make Covestro's three sites in Leverkusen, Dormagen and Krefeld-Uerdingen even more efficient.

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