Adhesive raw materials division in Spain pioneers – they are running solely on green electricity


Three sites in Spain are now running on green electricity. This brings Covestro much closer to climate neutrality. Two other plants in Spain have been running electricity from renewable sources for a long time.

Written by: Carlos Almecija

Covestro is advancing towards its goal of achieving climate neutrality. A great example can be found at the Spanish locations of Covestro. All the three sites of the Coatings and Adhesives division are working solely with renewable energy.

With the switch to renewable energy, approximately 1.4 million kilograms of CO2 emissions per year will be reduce. This corresponds to the average annual consumption of 1,500 households.

A transition powered by green energy

All three plants for coating and adhesive raw materials of Covestro in Spain now operate exclusively with electricity from renewable sources. Since the beginning of 2022, the Covestro plant in Zona Franca has been running exclusively on electricity from renewable sources. The other two sites in Parets del Vallès and Santa Margarida i els Monjos in Barcelona are already fully renewable.

Covestro is also working to soon power its Tarragona site with green electricity - which is very energy-intensive due to its different products. The first chlorine plant with ODC technology (Oxygen Depolarized Cathode) is already being built there. This innovation from Covestro reduces the energy consumption of chlorine production by a quarter.

As the chemical industry is traditionally energy-intensive, one of the biggest challenges is to ensure a more sustainable approach to its production and consumption. Global energy demand is expected to increase by nearly 50 percent over the next 30 years, and energy-related carbon dioxide emissions increased by six percent worldwide in 2021.

Covestro resolutely opposes climate crisis

Covestro’s long-term vision is to become a fully circular company. As part of this ambitious goal, Covestro’s production sites worldwide are to be gradually converted to renewable energy sources. By 2035, Covestro wants to become climate-neutral in production and purchased energy.

The advantage: Renewable energy sources can enhance diversity in energy supply markets, secure long-term sustainable energy supplies, and reduce emissions. The advance into a more renewable and circular future is not a simple matter. It is a complex and long-term process that requires of collaborative efforts from all the members of the society. But acting now can build a sustainable transition that leads to a more equitable, environmentally, and economically viable future.

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