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Competence center for high-performance films

For over 30 years, Epurex Films in Bomlitz has celebrated one success after the other. The Covestro subsidiary manufactures speciality films for various sectors, including the medical technology industries, automotive engineering, and construction. This is one reason Covestro made the site one of its three German competence centers for high-performance films.

The “hidden champion” from Bomlitz: Epurex Films GmbH & Co. KG has enjoyed rapid growth, with a clear upward trajectory ever since its founding in 1985. Epurex Films is part of Covestro's Specialty Films division. The division manufactures technical films used in applications like medical technology, automotive interiors, and ID documents across the globe. The wholly owned Covestro subsidiary is a leader in producing high-quality thermoplastic elastomer films under the trademark Platilon®. Nearly 100 employees who deliver outstanding performance each and every day at the Lower Saxony site play a major role in the company's success.

And it pays off: the Bomlitz site is the Covestro competence center in Germany for manufacturing thermoplastic elastomer films. The site houses product and application development, a technical center, production, supply chain (production planning and logistics) and purchasing. The other two German competence centers for producing high-performance films are located at the Covestro sites in Dormagen (polycarbonate specialty films) and Leverkusen (film coating).

Thermoplastic polyurethane films for many industrial sectors

The elastomer films are used in applications such as breathable, waterproof membranes in outdoor clothing, sports equipment, wound dressings, and passenger car interiors. Epurex elastomer films are suited perfectly for such applications due to their excellent flexibility over a broad temperature range and their considerable weather resistance. However, elastomer films made in Bomlitz are also a key component in system-relevant sectors such as medical technology. In these sectors, innovative material solutions from Epurex Films impress by combining a variety of properties in one multi-layer design which is specially tailored to customer requirements.

This is one of the reasons why Covestro is currently expanding production capacities for thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films of the Platilon® range at the site. That also includes the associated infrastructure and logistics. Through the expansion, the increasing global demand for multilayer TPU films is to be met. The new facilities will already be completed by the end of 2023.

According to police crime statistics, around 65,000 documents were forged in Germany in 2022. The majority of these were personal IDs or passports. Covestro has solutions for better data protection. The company offers specialized films for integrated passport concepts that include the latest safety concepts. Covestro has developed an innovative composite film at its Bomlitz site especially suited to this purpose. It will help make documents and deeds more difficult to forge in the future. A composite film has several advantages, including being thinner than single films. This gives ID producers greater design freedom – especially when it comes to the thinner data side. As a result, security features are much easier to integrate. In addition, the composite film stands out for its excellent durability. It is 35 percent more tear-resistant than the products commonly available on the market.

High-performance films from Epurex Films will make IDs and passports more difficult to forge in the future.

From smart watches to fitness tracker and digital glasses – wearables are a global trend. Wearable electronic devices are designed to make everyday life easier. Smart tools that adhere to the skin like a bandage are also being used in many medical applications – for instance, to monitor vital parameters and for patient diagnostics. Wearables need to fulfill high requirements: often, they are worn around the clock, and need to be particularly gentle on the skin while still adhering well to the body. Covestro offers the right combination of materials for perfect lightweight, flexible and invisible bandages that are comfortable to wear. The company has developed specialized, breathable films made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) in Bomlitz for this purpose. These can be molded at a certain temperature and stand out for their elasticity, transparency, and oil-resistance. There is currently no comparable product on the market.

Wearables are being used more and more frequently in the medical sector. Epurex Films delivers the raw materials for electronic bandages in Bomlitz.

This is just one example of how Epurex Films is developing new material solutions to meet the challenges of our time. To fulfill the individual needs of its customers, the company engages in close communication and coordination, constantly adapting its extensive range of film products to market developments and customer requirements. By doing so, the company emphasized its ambitious goals and continued its long-term positive development.

Bomlitz over the years

  • 2022

    Ground-breaking for TPU films expansion

    Covestro is expanding its production capacities for thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films in Bomlitz. The ground-breaking marks the start of the expansion of production, infrastructure and logistics at the site.

  • 2018

    Listing on the DAX and launch of the apprentice program in Bomlitz

    Covestro AG was listed in the leading German stock index, the DAX, in March of 2018. Epurex Films launched its own apprentice program in Bomlitz. By doing so, the company emphasized its ambitious goals and continued its long-term positive development.

  • 2015

    Corporate founding of Covestro

    On September 1st, Bayer MaterialScience becomes a separate legal entity operating under the name Covestro.

  • 2010-2014

    Expansion and optimization of production

    Epurex Films begins operation of a new Upscaling Plant and an additional multi-layer film production system. The company continues to optimize its product portfolio. Products are unified under the trademark Platilon® (the names Walopur®, Walotex®, Walomelt® are dropped).

  • 2007

    Epurex Films becomes part of Bayer MaterialScience AG

    Epurex Films is part of Bayer MaterialScience AG.

  • 2006

    Modern multi-layer film production

    Commissioning of a modern multi-layer film production system.

  • 2004

    Founding of Bayer MaterialScience AG

    As part of its corporate restructuring, Bayer spins off its material sciences division. As a result, Bayer MaterialScience AG is founded as a separate legal entity.

  • 1998-2002

    Birth of Epurex Films GmbH & Co. KG

    The company takes over the TPU film business of Elf Atochem and proceeds to expand its production facility. Shortly thereafter, the independent company “Epurex Films GmbH & Co. KG” is formed. Epurex Films is separated from Wolff Walsrode AG and integrated into the “Thermoplastic polyurethane” division of Bayer AG.

  • 1985

    Production of TPU films

    Start of production for thermoplastic polyurethane films (TPU films).

Covestro – A good neighbor

Living together in harmony is very important to Covestro. This is why the company actively seeks out dialog and maintains close contacts with neighbors at its production sites. At Covestro, safety comes first. The company is dedicated to reducing risks for our employees and neighbors and to ensuring safe production processes. Additional information is available on the Walsrode Industrial Park website.

More information on Covestro in Bomlitz

Epurex Films GmbH & Co. KG
Industriepark Walsrode
Bayershofer Weg 21
29699 Walsrode

+49 5161 7043000


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