Joint Solutions – Collaboration in the Circular Economy

Implementing the Circular Economy is a large global project that can only succeed through cooperation. Our society, our economy and our policymakers must all work together, across borders and continents. Within industry, the different sectors must join forces. And within the sectors, individual stakeholders are called upon to work together to find and implement new practical solutions. With its Circular Economy program, Covestro takes this joint responsibility seriously.

Covestro wants to cooperate with as many stakeholders as possible in all areas of value creation and science in order to find the best solutions for the Circular Economy. The company is relying on targeted partnerships and on projects and alliances within the chemicals industry and across different sectors. In addition to developing technology, Covestro is targeting innovative business models and new value creation approaches, especially through cooperation in the digital sector.

Promoting Recycling and Transparency

Recycling car plastics together. As part of a German-Chinese pilot program, Covestro and its partners want to work together to create circular solutions for high-quality plastics sourced from used vehicles. The goal is to establish an efficient and sustainable system for recycling plastics in the automotive industry and thus promote lasting change in the sector.

Recycling insulating foam together. In the EU-wide project Circular Foam, Covestro is coordinating the research efforts of 22 partners from nine countries. Experts from science, business and society want to develop a comprehensive solution model for the waste management and recycling of rigid polyurethane foam, which is needed for insulating buildings and refrigerators.

Covestro explores the chemical recycling of insulation foam together with partners.

Optimizing design together. Together with Dell Technologies, Covestro carried out a study on recycling laptops. If plastics for device components are optimally designed from the start, the economic efficiency of the recycling loop increases.

Bringing sectors together

Expanding recycling. Covestro is promoting the convergence of the chemical industry and the recycling industry. In Germany, we have signed a cooperation agreement with the environmental service provider Interseroh, which belongs to the Alba Group. The goal is to further develop innovative recycling methods for plastic waste.

Covestro helps connect steel and chemical industries.

Using steel waste gas. Covestro is a partner of the research project Carbon2Polymers at RWTH Aachen. The project aims to create a stronger network between the steel, energy and chemical industries. Among other things, research is being conducted into how CO2-containing cogeneration gases from the steel production of project partner Thyssenkrupp can be used as a source material for plastics.

Interlinking science and the economy. Covestro is using the still new quantum computing capabilities to accelerate its innovation processes, primarily for the Circular Economy. In a joint study with Google, the company found out how the effects of noise in quantum computing can be mitigated.

Promoting sustainable mobility. Covestro is supporting “Team Sonnenwagen” from Aachen in developing efficient solar race cars together with Siemens, Mercedes, Sika and other partners. Covestro is sending high-performance, sustainable materials into the race, which are found in the seat shell and in the battery casing, among other places.

Europe’s fastest solar cars

Covestro supports Team Sonnenwagen to make solar mobility more sustainable.

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Future Mobility

The future of the mobility sector calls for high-quality plastics. Covestro offers innovative solutions for vehicles and infrastructure.

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Innovators for joint solutions

How can partnerships change an industry? Get to know people who are looking for new ways of team-work – or simply a more sustainable truck tarp provider! Learn more!

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