Guided by the vision to make the world a brighter place, Covestro not only develops products and solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible, but the vision is also deeply embedded in our understanding of sustainability.

Our guidelines and principles

“People, planet, profit” – our sustainability formula

For several years now, the “people, planet, profit” (PPP) principle has been applied at Covestro. This means that we want to foster increased value on the economic, environmental, and social levels, all at the same time. Our choices and measures are always required to reflect the “three Ps” – there must be a positive impact on two of the aspects, and no aspect may be ignored. One example of this is that Covestro is constantly working on increasing the share of alternative resources in the production of its plastics – but only if this really does help the environment. Should the process require additional energy, or should the production or transport of the alternative resources release more CO2 than the application saves, our company will decide against it. 

We keep an eye on the entire product life cycle

This includes the raw materials, production, and processing, as well as the application, disposal or recycling of our products. Sustainability governs everything we do, and we want to improve in each area: from research and development – including joint projects with our customers and other partners – to sourcing, production and distribution.

Our contribution to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals

We are supporting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals  (SDGs) of the United Nations. To do so, we focus on the areas in which we can achieve the greatest impact. These are the topics that we are constantly re-evaluating. We look for suggestions from outside our company and update both our non-financial goals and our activities and programs.   

Climate protection in particular plays a vital role for us – after all, our products help save resources and reduce CO2 emissions, for example by making cars lighter and more economical, by insulating buildings more efficiently, or by providing a light and stable core that makes wind wheel rotor blades more efficient

Last but not least, we are pushing the SDGs forward through measures implemented in addition to our direct business activities.

We value our cooperation with external partners

This is to help us realize our vision, reach our company goals and align them with the expectations of society. And beyond our core business, we want to contribute to the fulfillment of social needs and the implementation of the UN Sustainability Development Goals.

For this purpose we give donations and commit to public partnerships. Our donations are monitored and steered at the corporate level in accordance with clear policies.

High standards on a global scale

We have devoted ourselves to the goals and regulations of the United Nations’ “Global Compact ”. The principles of the Charter that we have signed are binding for all our employees. We expect the same high sustainability standards from our partners that we apply to ourselves.

Consequently, we have developed our Supplier Code of Conduct,  which all of our suppliers must adhere to no matter where they are based or where they operate their business. We regard these principles as drivers of innovation that help us implement our strategy.