Covestro to present its innovative solutions that drive the Future of Mobility at JSAE Nagoya 2019

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Pushing the boundaries of automotive design and manufacturing

Covestro is attending the Automotive Engineering Exposition which will be held from July 17-19, 2019 in Nagoya and held by the Society of Automotive Engineers in Japan (JSAE). At the event, Covestro will present its innovative solutions that address the Future of Mobility towards 2030 under three themes:(1) safe and autonomous driving, (2) infotainment, and (3) interior design and efficiency.

"Cars are at the center of the future mobility eco-system and the automotive industry is experiencing more disruptions in the present decade than it ever has before," says Jochen Hardt, Head of Global Marketing Mobility in BU PCS. "With our long worldwide experience in the automotive industry and our innovative material solutions, Covestro is helping brands to make today’s vehicles more reliable, efficient, and differentiated. Plus, the same time, we work hand in hand with our partners to customers to prepare for future applications and mobility concepts.”

Vehicles are following the mega-trend of an all-digital and on-demand connected customer experience. For instance, Covestro cooperated with multiple partners to develop a prototype – a touch panel console –  for an electronic auto interior part. It combines Direct Coating (DC) technology and film insert molding technology. The prototype features low VOC and high production efficiency through a simplified logistics process. It will be exhibited at the show. Another exhibit will be about how Covestro innovative solutions have been widely used in infotainment and automotive interior design. At present, the high defective rate of big plastic display panels is a major pain point hindering their expansion in the automotive industry. Covestro combined its innovative polycarbonate plastic and film materials to produce a fully functional display with a length of 1.05 meters. In addition, Covestro will also showcase PUR noise control technology and isulation, immediate self-healing coatings material using newly developed plant-devived PUR raw material and TPU composite that has excellent heat radiation property.  

As an innovative partner, Covestro not only supplies advanced materials to customers, but also provides them with customized solutions for the whole industry chain by means of open innovation. “Relying on our experience and expertise, Covestro provides trend insights and regulatory guidance to customers, enabling them to bring their ideas to reality” mentioned Gaku Nakayama, Head of Mobility in BU PCS APAC.

JSAE Nagoya 2019 is being held at Nagoya International Exhibition Hall from July 17-19, 2019. The booth of Covestro is located in Hall 2 (Booth 74).