Covestro Elastomers concludes successfully its Machine Roadshow in Amagasaki, Japan

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Covestro expands Japan footprint for Elastomers market.

In the course of October 2019, Covestro Elastomers together with Maruishi successfully organized the inaugural Baulé Machine Roadshow in the recently renewed Innovation Center in Covestro Amagasaki. The main purpose was to introduce to leading Japan-based molding companies the latest Baulé machines concept enabling to produce cast polyurethane parts at scale.

Over two busy weeks, eleven molding companies mostly from paper and steel industry were guided through the unique features and configurations of the Baulé machines. The machines’ scalability was of particular interest to molders. Indeed, this new machines concept allows our clients to pick from a wide range of configurations in order to end-up with the machine they need at the moment of their purchase, with the possibility of easily upgrading their model according to their evolving needs.

A key highlight of the roadshow was the unveiling of the Baulé alpha machine, which included a machine demonstration showcasing the latest technical and safety innovations such as Low Exposure Oven (LEO), High Performance Oven (HPO) and Auto Calibration which guarantee a regular and perfect production. These innovations address the challenges our Japanese molders are facing, including health and safety.

On top of that, the new machines concept incorporate three dedicated digital services named Baulé Easy Assist, Baulé Easy Parts, Baulé Easy Data. The purpose of all Baulé Easy Services is to ensure that our customers’ production lines remain perfectly functional and that every potential delay factor is resolved easily and effectively.

As Thomas Braig, President & CEO of Covestro Elastomers comments: “Just offering high performance polyurethane systems and quality processing equipment is not fully addressing the needs of our customers to be successful: Services are making the difference. In the complementary Baulé EasyService package, we support our clients in trouble shooting, quality and efficiency increase – of course state of the art in a digital way!”

Covestro’s Baulé alpha machine is probably the most accurate casting machine on the market. Its scalability, flexibility and safety capacities make it a very attractive option for molding companies who are looking for a machine that can easily respond to their present and future needs.

The roadshow was also a great opportunity to introduce the innovative Desmodur MTX6076 cast polyurethane system. This system is ideally suited for applications such as wheels and rollers. Unlike traditional MOCA systems, the Desmodur MTX6076 system is a MOCA-free solution which makes the safe production of high-performance materials easier.

Covestro Elastomers aims to work closer with its customers in Japan to develop customized solutions for several industries.

“To support our Japan’s growth strategy, we have strengthened our footprint in Japan with the presence of our distributor Maruishi Chemical Trading along with our local resource. To respond to this evolving market, we work closely with our state-of-art center in Shanghai , Covestro’s Polymer Research and Development Center (PRDC), to deliver to our customers fast, flexible and high quality elastomers solution that enables them to add value to their production line says Bruno Savarino, Area Sales and Marketing, Covestro Elastomers.

In producing innovative elastomers solutions, the Covestro Elastomers team have further demonstrated Covestro’s ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability: “The machine roadshow allowed molders to experience firsthand, the latest generation Baulé machines designed to meet our customers highest demands necessary to be successful in the Japanese elastomer market. Our comprehensive offer of processing machines, polyurethane elastomer systems, and services out of one hand enables us to support our clients to deliver highest performance efficiently to their markets”, explains Thomas Braig, President & CEO of Covestro Elastomers.

For further information on our Baulé machine and high-performance raw materials for superior cast polyurethane elastomers, please contact our Japanese distributor Maruishi Chemical Trading.