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As published by NCERT in 2009, out of the total 1,17,257 secondary schools in India, around 42% have a science laboratory and only 18.4% have a Maths laboratory in their premises. It is only through a well-equipped science laboratory that children will experience the surreal and enigmatic world of science and technology. Science is knowledge about the natural and material world around us and it stems from observation, measurement, experimentation, analysis, and formulation of concepts.

This illustrates the necessity of our Brighter World Lab project, through which, laboratories have been installed in government-aided schools across different locations. Through this initiative, we, at Covestro (India), aim to prepare human resources with a deep interest in science and technology and capacities for analytical and innovative thinking. The team has worked closely with teachers and the school administration to ensure that the system nurtures the desired skills and thought processes among secondary and higher secondary school students.

“The Brighter World Lab was established in this school in the year 2019 and I remember the enthusiasm in not only the students but also the teachers like us who teach science and mathematics to the secondary section of the schools. Teaching is not an easy job, specifically when you have to deal with the differential learning capacities of the students. After the establishment of the BWL in the school, the school administration was relieved that fear of learning science can be alleviated from the minds of the students. I have never seen students so enthusiastic about learning science before! Now they have the same level of enthusiasm for the science class as they would have had for the games class!” shared Sumila from GHSS, Aandarmullipallam, Cuddalore.

In its third year of implementation - 2019, 20 Brighter World Labs were set up in schools across Greater Noida, Ankleshwar, Mumbai and Cuddalore making it a total of 50 labs. The highlight of this project was the Eureka Science Fest, a gala 3-day event which was organized at an inter-school level among all BWL schools at that location. It included several competitions such as making posters, debates, making science concept-based models, games and interactive activities galore, which made it a lively event with dollops of learning. It truly rendered science as a celebration!

Close to 2000 students participated in the various competitions across the four locations. Around 50% of the students who participated or witnessed the competition, gave a 5-star rating for their experience with the fest.

Some of the other intensive programmes include the Science Quiz – which encourages learning beyond text books and the Science Club – which is a platform created at each BWL school to help students discover new interests in science, experiment fearlessly and learn new skills. At the club, students are exposed to more than 40 chemistry-based Do-It-yourself activities. Learning science involves continuous exploration, after all!

If this got you curious to know more about the activities undertaken in 2019-20, please download the BWL annual report.

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