Brighter World Lab 2017

Brighter World Lab, an initiative by Covestro (India) with the purpose of promoting scientific reasoning among children and creating a new generation of analytical thinkers. The project was launched with installations of 10 maths and science laboratories in four cities; Greater Noida, Ankleshwar, Mumbai and Cuddalore in 2017 with the help of STEM Learning Pvt. Ltd.

The smaller steps that Project BWL took in its first year was limited to making infrastructural intervention in the government aided schools whose poor infrastructure resonated with the poor aptitude that children bore against these subjects.

For optimal utilization of the laboratories, orientation and training programmes were conducted for teachers.

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    Brighter World Labs

    At Covestro, we have been on a constant endeavour to help school students learn science through first-hand experience.

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    Brighter World Lab 2019

    Covestro set up 20 Brighter World Labs in schools making it a total of 50 labs in its third year of implementation in 2019.

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    Brighter World Lab 2018

    Covestro’s BWL initiative reached 16,070 children from 25 government schools in its second year in 2018.

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