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Innovation is, perhaps, the answer to most of the challenges the world is facing today. Meeting the sustainable development goals while pursuing economic growth requires minds which have a good understanding of how the world works and which can toy with alternate ideas and possibilities to bring about change.

One of the fundamental ways to ensure that young minds blossom into engines of innovation, is to provide hands-on learning experiences right from school. At Covestro, we have been on a constant endeavour to help school students learn science through first-hand experience. The “Brighter World Lab” (BWL) is one such initiative undertaken in collaboration with our partner, Arch Foundation.

BWL is aimed at supporting schools with a well-equipped science laboratory for physics and chemistry. It is augmented with teacher training and science-based extra-curricular activities with students. The idea stems from the premise that an average school in India has limited resources for building out the infrastructure and a science laboratory is a far-fetched thought for many.

We, at Covestro, are however determined to gift a large section of school going students (many of them being from the underserved communities) with the opportunity of learning science at the laboratory. We believe that this is an essential step towards making the world a brighter place to live in.

In the last three years (2017 - 2020), BWL has touched the lives of thousands of students and supported over hundred teachers in upgrading the process of teaching and learning science to an explorative and joyful experience.

For more information on Project Brighter World Labs and ARCH Foundation, take a look at the Annual Report

About ARCH Foundation:

ARCH is a section 8 social enterprise which provides customized solutions to organizations to help them meet their CSR mandates, leveraging the strengths of diverse stakeholders in the social sector. Backed by rich experience, ARCH sets up developmental activities based on research and incorporates grassroot level interventions, aiming at sustainable output. With footprints in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Telangana and Tamil Nadu, ARCH has touched the lives of around one lakh beneficiaries through an array of programs across locations. The projects/ programmes designed by The Foundation are mainly focused on education, women empowerment, skill development and financial literacy, among others.

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