Written by: Christian Haessler

The engineers are also on board


The white paper on the circular economy published by the Association of German Engineers (VDI) is entitled “Rethinking the Circular Economy for Plastics”. Christian Haessler of Covestro believes that this is an accurate reflection of the challenges facing the industry.

In addition to the intensive involvement of political representatives, the round table focused on mapping the entire cycle of the plastics industry and analyzing the interdependencies. Only together and if each position in the value chain already takes into account the interests and factors of other stages can we successfully shape a circular economy. 

Various fields of action for the successful implementation of a circular economy are known. For me personally, the fields of "creating regulatory incentives for a circular plastics economy" and "designing products for the cycle", i.e. design for recycling, are of particular interest. 

Successful implementation of the circular economy requires suitable regulatory framework conditions. Recycling quotas, for example, that apply to several stages of the value chain, such as plastics manufacturers and OEMs, would in my view significantly strengthen innovation for Circular Economy along the value chain. Design for recycling is the order of the day for bringing Circular Economy concepts to market even more successfully. For us at Covestro, building on our strength in application technology, this is also a clear opportunity to differentiate ourselves. 

It is obvious that the implementation of the circular economy must not only be thought along the value chain, but also strongly across disciplines. We look forward to a further intensification of the cooperation between engineering technology and chemistry as well! 


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