Sunny success for team sonnenwagen

Written by: Marlene Hirzel

The “iLumen European Solar Challenge” (IESC) is a 24h solar car race, which took place in Belgium last weekend. Several teams of students from all around Europe traveled to “Circuit Zolder” to participate in this challenge. Amongst them was Team Sonnenwagen from Aachen with their two solar cars the “Covestro Sonnenwagen” and the latest addition to the family: the “Covestro Photon.”

24h hours of racing in solar cars. Some may now ask themselves how this is even possible with no sunlight recharging the cars at night. Let me explain the race briefly:

  • 24 hours of racing
  • 22 solar cars
  • Driver changes every 2 hours
  • Recharging allowed for a maximum of 2 hours

The race went well for Team Sonnenwagen. The new car, the "Covestro Photon", was tested in race mode, the perfect preparation for the upcoming Solar Challenge Morocco in October. The old model, the "Covestro Sonnenwagen", which had an accident at the 2019 World Solar Challenge in Australia, is still one of the best solar cars in the field and finished second overall.

You are curious to learn more about the race and our journey with Team Sonnenwagen? Watch this video and get insights from Covestro CCO Sucheta Govil, who supported the team last weekend in Belgium:


Note: The event took place in compliance with all corona rules applicable under Belgian law.

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