3 reasons why plastics are irreplaceable

Written by: Svenja Paul

For everyone who wants to know why bashing plastics is not a solution.


Plastics have largely negative public image. Critics see plastic as a problem material which needs to be eliminated. Yet these examples show that plastics are indispensable.

1) Plastics are particularly sustainable and save energy and emissions

Foams – yes, they too belong to plastics – are used to reduce the energy needed for cooling and heating in building insulation. In addition, lightweight vehicle components made of plastic minimize fuel consumption, and innovative materials such as sustainable coatings make wind turbines more productive and economical.

2) Plastics make the world smarter, healthier and more comfortable

Materials made of polycarbonate, with their special high-performance properties, are driving the new 5G mobile communications technology. In addition, the use of plastics in medical technology is enabling numerous new innovations. Polyurethane foams are also used in mattresses, making them comfortable and durable.

3) Many key industries rely on high-quality plastics

Worldwide, 390 million tons of plastics are processed in various industries annually. The construction and automotive industries are the main customers. High-performance plastics are also indispensable in the medical and mobility sectors.

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