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Above all else, we are interested in your personality and your attitude. Be courageous. Question the way we do things. Together with you, we want to celebrate achievements and mistakes alike, push boundaries, and develop ideas that make the world a brighter place.

Six sites throughout Germany and more than 7,000 new colleagues who will help you master the challenges of our time – and those of the future.

Are you ready to contribute your knowledge and ideas as part of one of our traineeships? Then find the program that suits you best and become #1ofus

Unfortunately, you can no longer apply for the Trainee Programs. The positions will be published again in 2023.

Trainee program Information Technology & Digitization

“IT in a chemicals company? Really?” – Sure! With your expertise, you will support different teams in the areas of production, research, sales, and marketing with topics such as automation, digitization, and networking. You will be responsible for the smooth operation of our infrastructure, cooperate with renowned strategic IT partners, and help us to lift our global business processes to the next level.

  • A master’s degree in information technology, computer science, business informatics, or similar. Alternatively, you hold a bachelor’s degree in one of the above, combined with relevant professional experience
  • You have already gained some initial work experience through an internship, preferably in an industrial or chemical sector
  • Languages: since you will be working within international teams, a strong command of English is required. Knowledge of German is a plus, but not essential

Apart from your IT expertise acquired during your studies and practical experience, we also put great emphasis on your personality and passion. With us, you will push boundaries while demonstrating your courage and curiosity. We look forward to your ideas.

  • Within 18 months, you will gain a thorough insight into Covestro’s IT
  • You will pass through six to seven placements inside our company, including placements abroad
  • Potential areas of focus: we will familiarize you with our IT infrastructure, show you what matters in different roles when working on a project, and give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of digital trends and Technologies

At Covestro, we focus on IT trends to help steer innovation.

Oluwarotimi Obagade

Trainee IT & D

Trainee Program Digitalization

Looking for the perfect way to start your career in the digital arena? Making the digital strategy come alive appeals to your motivation. You want to experiment in any of our digital environments. Why not? Digitalization at Covestro is not a task for one department alone. Our Information Technology & Digitalization (IT&D) team is a key shaper for the digital transformation and makes sure that our global digital solutions drive business success, operate reliably and securely and, of course, technologically state-of-the art. Our IT&D team around the world shapes the IT and digital solutions of Covestro in areas such as Supply Chain, Engineering, Research & Development and Business Administration in close collaboration with our business colleagues. Digital use cases are being worked on in Advanced Analytics and the Digital Solutions Labs. In addition, there are so-called digital environments within Group Innovation (Digital Research & Development) and within Production (Digital Processing & Technology) that are working very closely with the functional areas to realize value-adding digital use cases.

  • Duration: 24 months (including placement abroad)
  • Four placements in various regions, business areas and functions
  • Potential areas of focus: all digital environments (Information Technology & Digitalization / Digital Processing & Technology / Digital Research & Development)
  • Digital enthusiast inspiring us with your digital mindset and experience
  • High education degree, at an above-average grade, for instance in a scientific discipline as follows: Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, Polymer/Material Science, Engineering, Mathematics, if possible complemented with a secondary education alongside practical experience
  • Complementary background may ideally come from sciences and digitalization such as Data Science, cloud architecture, software engineering or coding
  • Open and agile mindset, proactive, creative, customer centric, eager to seek and act upon feedback, daring to experiment and to learn from failures
  • Motivated by in-depth personal learning and come with the ambition to create value
  • Demonstrating leadership ambition and potential for new challenges
  • Team player with networking skills, enjoying diversity of opinion and thought
  • Excellent command of English
  • Ideally knowledge of German (not a prerequisite)
  • Further language skills are advantageous
  • An understanding of how different areas of the company work together
  • The development of an interdisciplinary, internal network
  • Tailored development opportunities coupled with the support of an internal Mentor
  • Permanent employment contract

For us, innovation is everyone and everywhere!

Inga Bargende

Business Development Manager & Lab Head

International Financial Management – Focus Accounting or Controlling

On this 18-month trainee program, you will make a difference, learn about our entire Finance division, and build up your own network within the company. You will not only develop innovative financial solutions, but will also be responsible for implementing them.

  • A bachelor’s degree with an additional qualification (e.g. apprenticeship, longer internships) or a master’s degree, preferably a double qualification (e.g. MBA)
  • Field of study: business administration, international business, or similar, with a focus on controlling, accounting, auditing and/or finance, or engineering management with a focus on economics
  • Initial work experience (e.g. through internships)

Next to your financial expertise, you’ll need the personality and passion to move our finances. Impress us with:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Curiosity for new experiences and challenges
  • Interest in further professional and personal self-development
  • The courage to question processes and structures
  • Strong communication skills
  • Enjoy working in diverse teams
  • An excellent command of German and English
  • Duration of the trainee program: 18 months, including a six-to-eight-week placement abroad
  • Focus: Accounting, Corporate Controlling, or Business Unit Controlling
  • Procedure: participants will be assigned to different placements for two to eight weeks each:
    • Finance Academy / Onboarding
    • Two mandatory placements (Audit and Business Intelligence & Consolidation Solutions)
    • Three further mandatory placements in the field of accounting or controlling – depending on focus
    • Depending on individual interests and the planned target function, different optional placements in related areas; the participants plan these together with their mentor

The trainee program and your subsequent role in our Accounting or Controlling department will open up a variety of individual career opportunities. Are you interested in switching to another division of the company in the future? Our international finance team – the CFO Community – offers you diverse opportunities, such as positions in Finance, Investor Relations, Marketing, and General Management. Your curiosity influences your development at Covestro. We will help you find the right path.

In my traineeship, the best thing was to be needed across several departments. From the first day onwards, I got my own responsibilities and was treated as an equal team member. I always had the feeling that my opinion and work was highly valued by my colleagues.

Charlotte Schulze-Aissen

GC Strategic Controlling, ehem. Trainee International Financial Management

Direct entry

Say goodbye to studying – say hello to practical experience. As a career starter at Covestro, you will immediately take on responsibility in exciting fields of work and challenging projects. You work with highly qualified and experienced colleagues whose support you can always count on.

Our innovative power is at the heart of our success. It takes curiosity, courage, and creativity to develop products and technologies which benefit society and reduce environmental impact. That’s why we are always looking for engineers with fresh ideas, visions, and ambition.

We are searching for candidates in the following specialist areas:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Building services engineering
  • Physical science engineering
  • Industrial engineering
  • Plastics engineering
  • Bioprocess engineering
  • Automation and materials engineering

Here at Covestro, we manufacture high-quality polymer materials that are found in pretty much every modern product. We seek intelligent technologies and solutions and constantly strive to make our materials even better. This is where scientists come in.

Entry opportunities for chemists

  • Chemists, especially polymer chemists (both organic and inorganic) and technical chemists for process research
  • Usually starting in the area of Research & Development
  • Other areas of entry: innovation departments, strategy departments, Industrial Marketing, and Patents/Intellectual Property
  • Industrial chemists in Industrial Marketing

Entry opportunities for physicists

  • Specialist fields: materials science, materials testing
  • Responsibilities: simulations/calculations

Entry opportunities for biotechnology experts

  • Field of study: bioprocess technology
  • Area of focus: biotechnological implementation of chemo-catalytic processes

Do you share our passion for intelligently deployed bits and bytes and are you thrilled by the prospect of shaping and changing things? Do you want to make a lasting contribution to making the world a brighter place with your ideas and solutions? If so, then you might be a particular good fit for the IT at Covestro!

We are searching for candidates in the following specialist areas:

  • Computer science
  • Business sciences
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Industrial informatics
  • Environmental informatics and/or sciences with additional IT Expertise

You have completed your degree and now want to help shape commercial processes? Covestro offers you a range of opportunities – from accounting, tax, and finance through to logistics, controlling, planning, and consulting, up to informatics, marketing, sales, and HR.

We are searching for candidates in the following specialist areas:

  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Business sciences
  • Economic sciences

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