Strategic Pillars

Orientation for long-term growth

If we want to carry out our purpose “To make the world a brighter place”, we have to make sure Covestro is on a course of long-term, profitable growth.
Orientation for long-term growth

Five strategic pillars

We want to tap into the growth potential expected in the future in the industries and segments in which we are active. At the same time, we are committed to sustainability and innovation, working continuously to improve our production and cost structures. We have defined five strategic pillars that guide us on the way to achieve these objectives.

Utilizing growth potential

Independent experts project that the polymer industry segments in which Covestro is active will continue to grow faster than the global economy in the years ahead. Macro trends such as climate change, urbanization and increasing mobility are seen as the main drivers of growth. We aim to benefit from this growth by providing solutions to meet customer needs.

Promoting sustainability

Sustainability is a central pillar of the Covestro strategy. Through its business activities, the company wants not only to create value, but also to help protect the environment and achieve progress in society. This holistic approach defines operations along the entire value chain, from procurement, production, logistics and sales to the use of Covestro products and their disposal and recycling. Our highest priorities are the safety of our processes and the health and well-being of all colleagues.
Specifically, we have set ourselves five goals, which can be found here in detail. 

Boosting our innovative capability

Innovation is needed to address the challenges of a changing world. At the same time, innovation is a key factor for value creation. Through focused research and development, Covestro seeks to maintain and expand its position in the global competitive arena. Our activities are aimed at enhancing the performance of existing products and developing related markets with new products. We develop solutions for new applications and improve production and business processes. These objectives are rooted in an expanded understanding of innovation that goes beyond classical research and development – we strive to identify, promote and use potentials throughout the organization and in all employees.

Efficient production

To improve profitability on a sustainable basis, Covestro works continuously on increasing the efficiency of its sites, plants and equipment. To this end, we regularly review the structure of our production base to meet growing demands for our products and solutions. For example, in 2016, we decided to reopen a closed plant at Brunsbüttel site in Germany that had manufactured the flexible foam precursor TDI and retool it for MDI production. This roughly doubled capacity at the site for the rigid foam component. Better utilization of existing capacities is another declared objective, because the better a plant is utilized, the more profitable it can operate.

Competitive costs

Covestro is continuously working to improve efficiency and effectiveness throughout the company and so ensure competitive cost structures. Our goal is to rank among the cost leaders in our industry sector. We aim to achieve this, for example, by operating state-of-the-art production facilities and by further improving our service functions and IT infrastructure.