What we strive for

Making the world a brighter place

More and more people want a different, better world – more environmentally friendly, healthier, more efficient. We want to help realize this brighter world, and so combine sustainability and added value. In doing so, we focus entirely on the Circular Economy.
Vision Mission Values

Climate change, growing world population, increasing urbanization: global developments like these are enormous challenges. Covestro wants to help overcome them with its multitude of innovative products and solutions. Because the high-quality plastics and their components that our company develops and produces are the key to a sustainable future.

This is where we see the purpose of Covestro: We want to make the world a brighter place to live.

Our entire company is steeped in this powerful purpose, it sets the basic direction and we devote ourselves to it with all our might. In doing so, we demonstrate responsible action for society and future generations. At the same time, we combine our commitment to preserving the natural foundations of life through striving to create lasting value in line with our sustainability principle: "People, Planet, Profit."

In particular, we are doing everything we can to realize the Circular Economy, the great social transformation project to make the world climate neutral and to protect its dwindling resources.

This is what our vision, which substantiates our purpose, is aimed at: We will be fully circular.

Guided by this long-term strategic vision, we will anchor the principle of the Circular Economy within the entire company in order to fully implement it. At the same time, we want to become a driving force for circular thinking and acting in business and society. We will pursue this path consistently and with commitment in the interests of our customers, suppliers and consumers, with a view to politics, science and capital markets and not least for the benefit of our own employees.

Our mission dictates how we will achieve the Covestro vision: We want to promote innovation and growth with profitable products and technologies that benefit society and reduce the impact on the environment.

We continuously strive to reduce energy consumption and emissions in our production processes. Our products, which are needed in many important areas, make the lives of many people more environmentally friendly and healthier, safer, more comfortable and more efficient.

We do all of this in accordance with the three core values of our company: We are curious, courageous and colorful. It is this distinctive mindset that enables us to push boundaries and strive for the better – day by day.