What we strive for

Making the world a brighter place

The world is changing rapidly and has tremendous challenges to master. Covestro is helping along the way with technologies and products that benefit society, lessen impacts on the environment and return a profit. By these means, we strive to make the purpose of our organization come true: To make the world a brighter place.
Vision Mission Values

Climate change, rising mobility, population growth and increasing urbanization: global trends such as these are tremendous challenges. But Covestro refuses to be daunted and sees them instead as an opportunity for technological progress and economic growth. We want to inspire innovation and drive growth through profitable products and technologies that benefit society and reduce the impact on the environment. That’s our mission.

We fulfill it through technologies that save energy and emissions in our production processes. We do it through our products and plastic materials that replace older products like glass and metal which are not as sustainably manufactured or not as sustainable across their lifecycle. We fulfill it by thinking ahead – imagining a time where fossil resources will be depleted – and inventing alternative building blocks for our chemicals that are ubiquitous or far more sustainable.

That said, heading into the future, our organization is guided by a simple and powerful purpose: we want to make the world a brighter place. We fulfill this purpose by developing premium polymer materials, promoting innovation and providing sustainable products, technologies and solutions that benefit society and coming generations. We strive to reduce impact on the environment and create value, in line with the sustainability principle: “People, Planet, Profit.”

We do all this by staying close to our three corporate values: curious, courageous and colorful. It is this distinctive mindset that enables us to push boundaries and strive for the better – day by day.