Our Mindset

We Push Boundaries

“To make the world a brighter place” is the goal of Covestro – the most important motivation that drives us in our global activities. But how exactly do we make this promise come true? The answer lies in the unique approach we have for facing up to our challenges, i.e. our mindset: “Pushing Boundaries”.

Where others ask “Why?”, Covestro says: “Why not?” With this attitude, we push the boundaries of what is possible in making the world a brighter place – every single day and in every single project. We question traditional processes and ways of thinking and generate profitable growth based on sustainable product innovations.

Our understanding of “Pushing Boundaries” is best reflected in the fascinating products, projects and stories that we have developed, implemented and experienced together with our partners and customers in various industries around the world. They provide an insight into our methods of working and give an impression of the diversity of the areas of life in which our technologies make an important contribution.

The stories here are just a few examples of what we have achieved and what is changing the lives of millions of people – both now and in the future. They are just the beginning. Follow the links to our latest stories and find out more!