Supplier Code of Conduct

Setting sustainability standards

The Supplier Code of Conduct which sets forth key social, ecological and ethical standards that the Covestro expects its suppliers to share.
The Supplier Code of Conduct is based on the principles of the U.N. Global Compact and our Human Rights Position.
Covestro Supplier Code of Conduct Ethics
To meet social responsibilities, suppliers are expected to conduct their business in an ethical manner and act with integrity.
Covestro Supplier Code of Conduct Labor
Suppliers are expected to protect the human rights of their employees and to treat them with dignity and respect.
Health, Safety, Environment & Quality
Covestro Supplier Code of Conduct Healthcare Safety Environment
Suppliers are expected to provide a safe and healthy working environment and, if applicable, safe and health company living quarters, and to operate in an environmentally responsible and efficient manner. Suppliers will integrate quality into their business processes.
Management Systems
Covestro Supplier Code of Conduct Management Systems
Suppliers are expected to implement management systems to facilitate compliance with all applicable laws and to promote continuous improvement with respect to the expectations set forth in the Supplier Code of Conduct.

The principles expressed in Covestro’s Supplier Code of Conduct comprise an important component of supplier selection and evaluation. Moreover, we expect our suppliers to replicate these standards further down the supply chain. The Code of Conduct is therefore made available to our suppliers with the goal of strengthening our mutual understanding of how sustainability should be practiced in day-to-day business.

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