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Covestro Companies

Conditions of Purchase



Buying@Covestro (Ariba)


Substance declaration

Raw Material Supplier Questionnaire

APAC/EMLA (English Version)
APAC/EMLA (Chinese Version)
APAC/EMLA (Japanese Version)

Sensitive Applications Supplier Questionnaire

APAC/EMLA (English Version)


Safety Regulations at the CHEMPARK


Performance of construction work at Covestro AG

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  • Procurement


    Information from our Procurement department: All about invoicing at Covestro.

  • Procurement

    Conditions of Purchase

    Our Conditions of Purchase are available for download here.

  • Procurement

    Supplier Information

    Covestro provides its suppliers with all important information here. You will find conditions of purchase as well as guidance for the payment of invoices.

  • Procurement

    Sustainability in Procurement

    Compliance with sustainability standards in the supply chain is fundamental. Therefore we aim to ensure that the way we conduct business with our suppliers is in line with environmental, social and ethical standards. Learn more!

  • Procurement

    Organization & Strategy

    Worldwide procurement and trading processes are managed by seven different areas of responsibility (Strategic Commodities, Intermediates & Additives, Sites & Services, Inorganic & Energy, Capital Investment, Logistic and Packaging and Business Services). The aim is to leverage synergies within Covestro.

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