Procurement – a value generating function

KeyVisual Procurement
Procurement at Covestro is globally steered by the Procurement unit. It is globally responsible for providing Covestro with materials and services on time, of the right quality and at the best total value. Procurement also ensures effective trading activities in the areas of Basic Chemicals and sideline business.

Organization & Strategy
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How procurement works at Covestro

Worldwide procurement and trading processes are managed by seven different areas of responsibility (Strategic Commodities, Intermediates & Additives, Sites & Services, Inorganic & Energy, Technical Goods & Engineering, Logistic and Packaging and Business Services). The aim is to leverage synergies within Covestro.

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Sustainability in Supplier Management

Covestro regards adherence to sustainability standards within the supply chain as a crucial factor in the value chain. By acting responsibly in collaboration with our suppliers, we aim to minimize risks and create stable, long-term business relationships with our partners.
For Suppliers
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Information for existing and new suppliers

This section provides valuable information for suppliers including conditions of purchase, information about invoicing as well as a documents and links section.