Organization & Strategy

Procurement is globally responsible for providing Covestro with materials and services on time, of the right quality and for the best total value. Our task is to generate a competitive advantage by driving sustainable value creation through innovation, sourcing and commercial excellence, and the passion of our employees.

Covestro Procurement Categories

  • Strategic Commodities (SC)
    includes Styrene, Phenol & Acetone, Benzene, Aniline, Ethylene oxide & Glycol as well as Toluene, Formaldehyde & Methanol

  • Intermediates & Additives (IMA)
    includes Polymers & Additives, Plastic Additives, Olefin Derivatives, Acryl/Derivatives & Amines as well as Research & Development Material

  • Inorganics & Energy (IE)
    includes Energy, Technical Gases as well as Basic Chemicals.

  • Technical Goods & Engineering (TGE)
    includes Machinery & Fabricated Equipment, Pumps, Pipes, -material, PCT, Engineering Services, Turnaround Management Services and Capital Investments.

  • Sites & Services (SSP)
    includes Site and Technical Services, Site Logistics as well Turnaround & Small Project Demand. Several globally located Site Procurement Units focus on local sourcing and execution of procurement processes to ensure supply security. The embedded Sideline Business handles all non-core non-chemical business of Covestro.

  • Business Services (BSP)
    includes Procurement of all materials and services required in our business functions, eg in HR, Legal, Finance, IT, Marketing & Sales.

  • Logistic and Packaging (LP)
    includes Global Logistics (Ocean, Bulk Shipping & Tank Storage) and Rigid & Flexible Packaging