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Although independent as recently as September 2015, Covestro has already proven itself a major player in the polymer materials field. Find key data on our setup and performance here.
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Key Figures of Covestro
Covestro became an independent company listed on the stock exchange in fall 2015. Since then, we have proven to our customers and investors that we have what it takes: a strong and efficient product base combined with the flexibility and sense of purpose of a start-up, fueled by 80 years of experience.

The backbone of our organization’s success are our 17,200 employees, who work at around 30 sites across the globe – from smaller technical centers and innovation hubs to large-scale production plants. Our activities are coordinated from our corporate headquarters in Leverkusen, Germany.

Thanks to the sound setup of our company and its innovative power, we have achieved a reliable course of growth and consolidated our standing in the global markets. In fiscal 2019, Covestro achieved-Group sales of EUR 12.4 billion. Covestro generated EBITDA of EUR 1.6 billion, 49.9% below the 2018 figure. Core volumes grew by 2.0%, while free operating cash flow stood at EUR 473 million. Return on capital employed (ROCE) stood at 8.4%.

Further information on business development and key data from Covestro can be found in the Annual Report 2019.