Inclusive Business

With respect to sustainability, Covestro pursues a comprehensive approach that includes the entire product life cycle, taking into account social, environmental, and economic aspects. Sustainability is deeply anchored in the organization’s strategy, and is reflected in all our activities. One of our five sustainability targets is to contribute to improving the lives of ten million people in underserved markets, primarily in developing and emerging countries, by the year 2025.

In collaboration with customers and governmental and non-governmental organizations, we are developing affordable solutions, based on our technologies and products, that benefit low-income populations – under the umbrella of Covestro “Inclusive Business”.

PIR Drywall Construction Technology

PIR (Polyisocyanurate) is a superior form of rigid polyurethane technology, with significantly higher benefits of fire retardance, thermal and sustainability. It has been validated and certified by BMTPC under PAC No. 1039-S/2018, issue no. 1, Date of issue: 30-08-2018 and renewed on 10-02-2020.
PIR dry wall panel system is almost 8 times lighter than conventional brick-mortar walls. They are sandwich panels, which are composed of Fiber Cement Board (CFB)/ metal sheets/ oriented strand board/ gypsum board as facing on one or both sides with PIR foam as filling material. The panels can be used as internal/external partitions (and walls) and also for roofing solutions. This technology is suitable of single as well as multi storey buildings.

Extending support to affordable housing, Covestro has developed house models based on PIR technology which can be erected quickly and can withstand high wind speeds. In agreement with varied stakeholders, Covestro inaugurated a model of a G+3 L.I.G. building in Jaipur for Rajasthan Housing Board (RHB). This is a fully insulated building.

COSTING: Cost will depend on various factors, like soil, building type and specifications. Roughly, the cost is approximately Rs.1150 / sqft.

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