Covestro takes its social responsibility seriously

Being good neighbors at our sites

What makes a good neighbor? It’s simple. Good neighbors are approachable at any time, look out for one another, and help each other whenever they can. Covestro shares this approach. This is why the company strives to be a good neighbor to the people living around its production sites in Germany.

Covestro actively promotes an attractive environment and better living conditions around its production sites through its donation and sponsorship activities. This commitment follows a firm principle: Covestro wants to give back to its neighbors – especially in areas where the majority of employees live and work.

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    Around 7.250 employees work for Covestro at six sites in Germany.

  • Germany

    State politics in North Rhine-Westphalia

    Covestro is committed to North Rhine-Westphalia as an industrial location - in open dialogue with political and social stakeholders.

  • Germany


    Health, safety, environmental protection and the quality of our products and processes all contribute to the corporate success of Covestro.

  • Germany


    Covestro is committed to energy-efficient and sustainable production at its German sites.

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    Public Affairs

    Covestro‘s political advocacy activities abide by the Group directives “Responsible Lobbying” and “Corporate Compliance.

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