Global Trends

Solutions to the challenges of our time

Mankind is faced with great challenges. Despite their differences, they mostly have one thing in common: The need for innovative and sustainable materials. Covestro is on the case: We are tackling numerous global trends and developing solutions for a world worth living in.

Curbing climate change and putting the exploitation of resources and the degradation of the environmental to a stop. Feeding the world’s growing population. Converting sprawling metropolitan areas into livable centers. Providing quality education and medical care to all people. Creating a more equitable economic and social order... The major tasks of our time could fill volumes and may often seem insurmountable in their multitude and impact.

On the other hand, technological and social innovations are constantly achieving positive transformations. Many people are probably not even aware of the significant breakthroughs that have been achieved in the recent past alone. Smallpox, a scourge of mankind for millennia, has been eradicated within about a decade. Extreme poverty has been reduced massively around the world. More recently, the Corona scare has been mitigated by mRNA technology.

Confident and progress-oriented

At Covestro, we believe in the power of progress. We are optimists by principle, seeing the glass as half full rather than half empty. We believe that a promising future, a truly sustainable world, does not have to remain a utopia – it can be achieved through climate-neutral and circular, smart, safe, and fair.

The key issue of sustainability is gaining traction on the global agenda, and change is underway in many areas. Our company wants to help propel these transformations. With its high-quality materials, ground-breaking technologies, and constant development of new solutions for their application. With its innovative spirit, the commitment of its employees and in strong joint solutions around the globe.

Here, we are particularly focused on six global trends: mobility, urbanization, energy transition, socio-demographic change, healthcare, and connectivity.

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