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Regardless of whether you wish to get to know Covestro better during an internship or whether you would like to write your thesis with us: At all of Covestro`s German sites we offer students the opportunity to gain valuable experience and to discover the colorful world of Covestro firsthand.

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Internship options for students

Our various internship programs are perfectly tailored to your prior knowledge and needs, enabling you to put your theoretical knowledge into practice and discover our diverse range of roles and entry/development opportunities:

  • Voluntary internship – minimum of three months, maximum of six months
  • Mandatory internship / work placement semester – depends on the exam regulations, ideally three to six months
  • Thesis – duration depends on the exam regulations
  • Gap year internship – between bachelor’s / master’s or master’s / PhD, usually three to six months
  • Doctoral candidates – write your dissertation in cooperation with Covestro, duration of three years
  • Legal traineeship – between three and six months
  • Journalistic trainee (Volontariat)– over a period of 18 to 24 months

What you offer

Most of all, we are looking for people with initiative, team spirit, and excellent communication skills. People applying from abroad should also possess a strong command of English. In some divisions, it is useful if you speak German in addition.

Your thesis at Covestro

New and exciting questions arise all the time in our many different areas of activity. We are therefore happy to offer you the opportunity to write your bachelor’s or master’s thesis in sciences, engineering, or business studies at Covestro. Feel free to include a suggested topic or area of focus in your cover letter.

Taking the next step

We recommend that you provide us the following documents so that we can process your application quickly and plan your assignment:

  • Detailed cover letter indicating the desired dates of your Placement
  • A concise Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Certificates (high school certificate, intermediate diploma, performance record)
  • Certificate of enrollment
  • Internship guidelines of your institution

Apply online

All current internship vacancies can be found on our job portal – apply now for one of the internships at Covestro Germany!

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Gaining international practical experience

We offer student internships at many of our international locations. You can view all internships abroad in the various business areas via the job search.

What we offer

Community, competence, and culture – there are many great reasons to start your career at Covestro. We are especially proud of the following two:

It is practically a tradition that all the interns go to lunch together at Kasino (the works restaurant) at Chempark Leverkusen every Tuesday. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a substitute meetup on MS Teams – voluntary, of course! As such, all interns at our German sites have the opportunity to get to know each other and share their experiences.

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