Alternative Raw Materials – Resources of the Future

Carbon – the foundation of all life – is the basis for manufacturing the plastics used everywhere in modern living. Going forward, Covestro aims to make plastics out of alternative raw materials, bringing more sustainability into production. With forward-looking solutions like this, we’re playing a major part in the Circular Economy.

Biomass, CO₂, recycled used materials: To Covestro, these aren't waste. They're the raw materials of the future. These renewable resources provide carbon, which, ideally, should move in a cycle, not be emitted as a waste gas into the earth's atmosphere.

Covestro wants to use these alternative resources to replace the fossil materials the chemical and plastic industries rely on, such as oil. This step forward will further reduce the burning of harmful greenhouse gases like CO₂. Today, our company is supplying a growing number of products manufactured from alternative materials for different applications and industries.

Moving into the future, we strive to use alternative raw materials and sustainable production methods to advance the Circular Economy, a large-scale project that belongs to society as a whole. Accompanied by using clean energy sources, such as wind power for our plants and manufacturing processes. Relying on renewable energy for production ensures that the use of biomass, CO₂, and recycled materials is genuinely sustainable. It's just another way we aim to eliminate fossil fuels and make our production processes fit for the future.

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