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Innovation is everyone and everywhere

Innovation thrives with fresh ideas and differing viewpoints. At Covestro, this is our guiding principle in everything we do. We must ensure all employees are heard and feel safe to be their authentic selves in a workplace that is open, engaging, supportive, fair and respectful.

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The foundation of innovation and growth

We value differences, and we’re dedicated to an inclusive work environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. We’re convinced that the power of a diverse and inclusive workforce drives innovation, sustainability and employee engagement, improves decision making and contributes to Covestro’s success.

The unique knowledge, ideas, cultures and experiences of our employees make Covestro – and the world – a brighter place. Our success individually and as a company relies on finding, developing and celebrating these differences. Through our recruitment efforts, we actively seek people who might look, act and think differently but share common values. We strive to listen to the loud and soft voices equally and support those with similar goals, interests and cultures.

We’re building our culture on a foundation of leadership, policies and actions. Our policy on discrimination, harassment and retaliation, for example, encompasses zero tolerance for inappropriate or unprofessional work behavior.

We encourage our employees to build relationships across business units, functional areas and job levels. We expect our leaders to have open doors and open minds and also provide opportunities for employees to share, connect and appreciate our differences.

Covestro and its employees are passionate about giving back to the communities where we live and work. To that end, Covestro offers 16 hours of paid time for employees to volunteer and engage in community service. We also partner with United Way to strength our communities. Through our U.S. corporate social responsibility program – i3 (ignite, imagine, innovate) – we support organizations and initiatives that share our purpose to make the world a brighter place. This includes bringing hands-on science learning to the next generation by volunteering in classrooms and participating in events to ignite young minds to become innovators of tomorrow.

2020 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Annual Report

US DEI Annual Report

Diversity is our strength. Equity is our focus. Inclusion is our commitment. Innovation inspired by sustainability is our direction. Essential to our success in creating a DEI culture is combining the strategy’s primary focus areas of colleagues, company and community with actionable leadership at every level and location. Explore employee stories, learnings and initiatives in our 2020 US DEI Annual Report

Bright initiatives

Different ways of thinking, perspectives and ideas - this diversity is what drives us at Covestro. It enables us to create innovative, inspiring solutions. Our initiatives with focus on equity, inclusion and sustainability aim to support a colorful and versatile working environment.

We are committed to being an employer of choice for U.S. military veterans. At Covestro, you can build upon the experience and skills that you gained in the military and create a meaningful career with us. Covestro established CHAMP (Covestro Helping Armed Forces Military Personnel) as a resource for employees who are veterans with an aim to raise awareness and understanding of those who served, to provide community and to connect.

“I loved my time in the Navy. I sought every opportunity to learn as much as I could and move to the next challenge. As I work in my current role, I continuously seek to learn more about procedures, processes, and warehouse practices.”

Kristi, Warehousing Operations

Our ERGs function as subcommittees of the North American Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council, and they’re the heart of our DEI efforts. They support the growth and development of specific employee groups within Covestro through education, partnerships and support.

Here’s a list of our valuable groups:

  • Focus area: African American


    Inspires and motivates underrepresented students to pursue their dreams in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields.

  • Focus area: Asian Pacific

    Asia Pacific Circle

    Provides resources for employees from Asian countries, as well as employees who are interested in the cultures and/or Covestro career opportunities in these countries.

  • Focus area: Accessibility and inclusion


    Fosters an environment that supports employees who have a disability or who are a caregiver of a child or other family member with a disability. The goal is to raise awareness about disabilities – both visible and not visible – while also highlighting the unique talent and abilities that people with disabilities possess.

  • Focus area: Veterans/military service


    Provides resources to veterans and helps raise awareness and understanding of those who have served.

  • Focus area: Women


    Fosters the professional growth and development of Covestro women of all backgrounds and career stages.

  • Focus area: Cross functional, cross generational


    Enhances company culture and efficiency by breaking down silos and connecting Covestro employees of all experience levels through cross-functional and cross-generational collaboration, networking and learning opportunities.

  • Focus area: Physical Activity, Nutrition, Wellbeing


    Promotes healthy lifestyle behaviors by offering programs centered on physical activity, nutrition and total wellbeing.

  • Focus area: Cross cultural youth science engagement

    I3 STEM

    Ignites young minds to become the innovators of tomorrow through support of hands-on, inquiry-based STEM education, workforce experience and employee volunteerism.

  • Focus area: Latino

    Lo Latino

    Spearheads learning, living, celebrating and spreading the Latino culture to Covestro and the community.

  • Focus area: Early professionals (interns and trainees)


    Drives the Covestro culture to be more supportive, collaborative and sustainable to cultivate trainees and interns while also establishing a workplace that is attractive both internally and externally.

  • Focus area: Professional development/speaking


    Fosters the professional growth and development of Covestro employees of all backgrounds and career stages.

  • Focus area: Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT)


    Fosters awareness and acceptance of all people, including colleagues who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and their allies.

Recognition through benefits

Being treated fairly and transparently is the feeling we want our employees to have. At Covestro, this means financial security, a healthy work-life balance and appealing social benefits.

Covestro Proud

We’re especially proud of the seal for Best Places to work for Disability Inclusion that we’ve received, because we believe in the value of increasing access to opportunity and remain committed to hiring people with disabilities.

It’s the people that count

It is important to us to continue to develop innovative processes and solutions with top talent and experts - collaboratively and sustainably. Do you see yourself working in such an environment? Then we look forward to getting to know you.

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