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Driving hockey innovation in Pittsburgh and beyond

As the “Official Innovation Partner of the Pittsburgh Penguins,” Covestro is putting its partnership into action through Rethink the Rink.

Did you know that the current hockey rink dasher board design allows for very little, if any, “give” when a player comes into contact with them? In 2018, the first-of-its-kind Rethink the Rink “Make-a-Thon” aimed to tackle this issue, jumpstarting the ideation process around ways to improve player safety without impeding the normal puck play off the boards.

The result? After more than three years of ideating, prototyping, testing and refining, we joined forces with Athletica and the Pittsburgh Penguins to unleash a brand new, state-of-the-art dasher board design. This prototype is not only significantly safer for players, but it does not impede the normal puck play off the board.

Relive our annual Make-a-Thon events

  • United States

    Make-a-Thon 2023

    Taking a shot at foot safety: 2023 Rethink the Rink Make-a-Thon


    Make-a-thon 2022

    The 2022 make-a-thon featured an “assist” from PPG and Athletica Sports Systems.

  • United States

    Make-a-thon 2021

    Three giants of sports, innovation and technology - The Pittsburgh Penguins, Carnegie Mellon University and Covestro - teamed up for the fourth time in a continuing innovation partnership to make hockey safer at every level.

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