Sustainability at Covestro

From linear to circular: Our vision to close the loop on a circular economy

We know that the global economy is currently dominated by the unsustainable linear economic model of “take, make, waste.” Our vision is to become fully circular, embedding circular economic principles into everything we do – tapping into used products as a resource, recycling along the value chain, exploring alternative raw materials and harnessing renewable energy.

We’re also striving for climate neutrality by 2035 – an ambitious goal that we’re already tackling through reductions in our greenhouse gas emissions, offering products in a climate neutral version and investing in innovation.

Learn more about how we'll get there:

  • Circular Economy

    CQ — Our circular, climate-neutral solutions portfolio

    CQ: Circular Intelligence—our circular, climate-neutral solutions portfolio. Learn more now!

  • Circular Economy

    Renewable Energy

    Circular economy is only truly sustainable if green energy is used.

  • Circular Economy

    Innovative Recycling – More Reuse, Less Plastic Waste

    Energy-efficient technologies allow more used products and waste to be recycled.

  • Circular Economy

    Joint Solutions – Cooperation in the Circular Economy

    Cross-industry collaboration is needed to bring the Circular Economy forward.

Covestro signs major renewable energy agreement for its U.S. operations

Covestro recently entered into a 15-year virtual power purchase agreement (vPPA) with clean energy provider Ørsted. Beginning in 2024, solar power from Ørsted's Mockingbird Solar Center in Texas will offset 70,000 tons of CO2 emissions from Covestro's Baytown site, helping to reduce scope 2 emissions. This project – which marks Covestro’s first renewable energy agreement in the United States – is critical to our goal of becoming climate neutral by 2035.

Learn more:

Sustainability in the United States

Our flagship sustainability initiatives are pushing circularity in the United States. Learn more:

  • United States

    Two Covestro U.S. facilities achieve ISCC PLUS Certification

    Covestro expands access to its circular product portfolio in the U.S.

  • United States

    Covestro Circular Economy Program

    The Covestro Circular Economy Program at the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt), a joint development between Covestro and Pitt, is a first-of-its-kind graduate-level program intended to address global waste and material use.

  • United States

    Clean Energy, Climate and the Built Environment

    An interactive workshop featuring global, national and regional experts examining decarbonization strategies for all aspects of the built environment.

Two Covestro U.S. facilities earn ISCC PLUS certification

Major sustainability milestones have been realized at our Baytown, Texas and Newark, Ohio sites! In 2023, our Bayton and Newark facilities achieved ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) PLUS certification, significantly expanding the reach of our circularity product portfolio into the Americas region.

Learn more about these ISCC PLUS certifications here.







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