Donation and sponsoring activities in Spain

Covestro is aware of its social responsibility and recognizes the importance of contributing to society to the fullest extent possible. It demonstrates responsibility for its decisions and actions, for its products and services, toward customers and investors, and toward the environment and the society we live in. As Covestro sees itself as part of society and public life, social engagement is an issue of great importance.

Covestro maintains a strong commitment to society and to this end, develops various activities that are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and framed under three distinct pillars – people, environment, and planet. The aim of all these activities is to improve the lives of its employees and society as a whole, promote research, generate and share knowledge, and reduce the company’s environmental footprint.

Local engagement

Covestro supports various regional projects:

Covestro in Spain

Find out more about Covestro’s activities in Spain.

  • Production

    Covestro is using sustainable technologies and processes to produce innovative material solutions.

  • Safety

    Safety can only be guaranteed if it is considered holistically. Covestro is continuously working to improve and ensure safe processes for people, production, and the environment.

  • Sustainability

    Covestro aims to be fully circular in the long term. A first step will be to ensure all operations are climate-neutral in terms of scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2035.

  • Media

    Press releases, stories, and events – find out more about Covestro in Spain here.

Boosting STEM vocations

Covestro Spain participates in FEIQUE's Women in Chemistry campaign in which workers from different sites explain their educational and work experience. Covestro Barcelona is a member of the Zona Franca Women's Council and supports initiatives such as FeeltheZFPower to promote STEM vocations among secondary school students. The site offers scholarships to students and teaching support to both university and secondary schools. It also organizes visits to its facilities by school and university students.

Protecting the environment

Covestro’s Tarragona site collaborates with the Mare Terra Foundation to carry out environmental awareness actions.

Assuming social responsibility

Covestro Spain collaborates annually with multiple social projects, most of which arise from the initiative of the workers themselves and are supported by the company. Just some examples: the "Cap Nen Sense Llibre" project promoted by the employees of Parets and Santa Margarida, the annual donation of toys at Christmas to the Red Cross of Tarragona, the donation of medical supplies during the pandemic to different social and health centers, various donations to the Sant Joan de Deu Children's Cancer Hospital or the sponsorship of sporting or festive events of the cities in which we have production sites.

Promoting sports in Spain

Covestro sponsors various sports activities, such as the Gimnàstic de Tarragona and solidarity sports activities that are held in the cities where there is a production site. It also has several sports teams of employees who are supported by the company sponsoring the equipment.

Public Advisory Panel

Covestro has its own Public Advisory Panel (PAP) as an essential tool for communication and dialogue between the company and local society. The PAP is made up of people representing different sectors of the localities bordering the Tarragona factory. The meetings deal with issues of common interest to the population, the company, and the chemical industry in general. To this end, Covestro contacts representatives of society from educational facilities, associations, business, media, etc. and offers them the chance to join the PAP on a disinterested basis for a period of two years. The PAP is convened quarterly to deal with a specific topic of interest, e.g. safety, environment, recycling, production processes, talent, etc. so its members can express their concerns and have any doubts assuaged. In this way, the PAP members become communicators of Covestro's values and ways of doing things.

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