The more than 500 people on Covestro Spain work to develop high-quality polymers for sustainable and innovative products and solutions that respond to the great challenges of modern life. In Spain, Covestro has four production centres in Tarragona, Barcelona, Parets del Vallès and Santa Margarida and els Monjos and two innovation centers. All of them offer innovative solutions to sectors such as automotive, construction, food and packaging, water treatment, among many others.

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Covestro Spain has been recognized as one of the best places to work in the country by leading publications such as Forbes Spain, Actualidad Económica and the newspaper El Mundo. All of them highlight its work-life balance and work flexibility policies and its commitment to inclusion and diversity and to talent projection and permanent training.

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Covestro in Spain

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  • Production

    Covestro is using sustainable technologies and processes to produce innovative material solutions.

  • Safety

    Safety can only be guaranteed if it is considered holistically. Covestro is continuously working to improve and ensure safe processes for people, production, and the environment.

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