コベストロは、バイエルの素材科学事業が別会社として分離し、2015年9月1日から業務を開始しました。バイエルグループの化学・プラスチック関連事業の始まりは20世紀初めにさかのぼります。 コベストロと日本の関わりはバイエルの染料が初めて日本に輸入された1886年から始まります。その後、1911年にドイツ・バイエル社100%出資の「フリードリヒ・バイエル合名会社」が神戸に設立されました。


  • 2020

    Relocation of DIC Covestro Polymer Head Office

  • 2019

    Sumika Covestro Urethane Co., Ltd. marks its 50th anniversary

  • Innovation Center renews its lab space, to strengthen capability on Automotive and Construction markets

  • Covestro raises stake of DIC Covestro Polymer Ltd. from 50% to 80%

  • 2017

    Niihama Plant receives prestigious safety award from Japan Chemical Industry Association.

  • 2016

    Covestro Japan Ltd. Head Office and Sumika Covestro Urethane Co., Ltd. Tokyo Office are relocated to new Tokyo Office.

  • 2015

    1st September

    Covestro starts operations of the Bayer MaterialScience business in Japan under the name of Covestro Japan Ltd., Sumika Covestro Urethane Ltd., and DIC Covestro Polymer Ltd.

  • 2014

    Bayer MaterialScience Japan consolidates its offices in Kansai area at Amagasaki Sumika Bayer Urethane Co., Ltd. headquarters.

  • 2009

    Bayer MaterialScience's Innovation Center is expanded and commences full-fledged operation.

  • 2007

    DIC Bayer Polymer Ltd. constructs a new compounding plant.

  • Bayer MaterialScience Ltd. is established as a holding company of Bayer MaterialScience group in Japan.

  • 2006

    Sumika Bayer Urethane Co., Ltd. successfully achieves two million working hours without recordable incident at its Niihama Plant.

  • 2004

    Bayer AG undergoes a comprehensive restructuring process. The plastics unit becomes Bayer MaterialScience, an independent subgroup.

  • 2001

    Sumitomo Bayer Urethane Co., Ltd. changes name to Sumika Bayer Urethane Co., Ltd.

  • 2000

    Capital share of Sumitomo Bayer Urethane Co., Ltd. change (Bayer : Sumitomo Chemical = 60 : 40)

  • DIC Bayer Polymer Ltd. is established as a joint venture of Bayer Ltd. and Dainippon Ink and Chemicals Inc. (Now, DIC Corporation)

  • 1971

    Production of MDI, a raw material for rigid polyurethane foam, begins in Niihama.

  • 1969

    The polyurethane business is divided out from Bayer Japan Ltd., and Sumika Bayer Urethane Co., Ltd. is jointly established by Bayer AG and Sumitomo Chemical.

  • 1958

    Industrial production of the polycarbonate Makrolon® begins in Krefeld-Uerdingen.

  • 1953

    Bayer chemist Hermann Schnell invents polycarbonate in the central laboratory of the Krefeld-Uerdingen plant.

  • 1937

    Chemist Otto Bayer invents polyurethanes in Leverkusen. Because the advantages of the new material are initially unclear, a number of years pass before industrial production begins.

  • 1911

    Friedrich Bayer & Co. is established as a wholly owned subsidiary in Kobe, Japan.

  • 1886

    The red direct dye Benzopurpurine developed by Bayer and Agfa's Congo Red are introduced to Japan.

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