Earth Day 2022 Theme: Invest In Our Planet

Brighter Minds for a Brighter World 💕 Let’s vote for your favorite contestant of the National Environmental Education Story Contest!

  • A total of 107 schools and 658 students from Taiwan and its islands are participating in this contest.
  • Voting period: April 22 to May 22.
  • Voting site:
  • How to vote: each person can use their Line, Facebook or Google account to cast one vote for each category per day.
  • Award for the top 120 popular contestants: an LIS science box set.
  • Award for the top 300 adult and young voters who participate in the voting event: an eco-friendly shopping bag.

April 22 is Earth Day. The theme of Earth Day 2022 is “Invest In Our Planet.” In response to the 2022 theme, Covestro Taiwan is collaborating with more than ten organizations to hold the National Environmental Education Story Contest. These organizations include the Ministry of Education, wpd Taiwan, the German Institute Taipei, the German Trade Office Taipei, ECCT, and the National Parks Division of the Construction and Planning Agency. We hope that the younger generation will be able to understand the current environmental challenges through the stories written for the contest and demonstrate a wish to protect our oceans by making a commitment to care for the Earth. The registration for the contest was closed on April 5 but to keep raising awareness about what has been happening to our beautiful oceans, Covestro Taiwan and all the partners decided to organize a voting contest from April 22 to May 22. By participating in the voting contest, voters will also learn, through the children’s voices, that protecting the Earth is the best way to invest in Earth. Aside from choosing the top 120 best contestants, we will also provide 300 participation gifts to both adult and young voters in the hope of awakening society to the importance of protecting the Earth.

Ms. Su-Fen Chen, the director of the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology, said, “Stories can travel through time and space, and good stories transcend languages. It’s human nature to enjoy listening to stories. Kids who grew up listening to stories are the happiest people. The Tortoise and the Hare, The Blind Man and the Elephant, and How the Foolish Man Moved Mountains are not just stories to enjoy; they also teach us how to behave. Facing the drastic changes in the Earth’s environment, everybody has their own opinions. I want to thank all the young contestants for weaving their imaginations and bravely saying their thoughts out loud. The stories from the new generation are also quite impressive. Through the use of the internet, everybody can tell stories and become a streamer.” The contest has received 658 registrations from a total of 107 schools all over Taiwan and its islands in just two months. 399 stories have passed the preliminary review, which includes the preliminary review of the stories from the schools for the hearing impaired. Ms. Chen further expressed that “we not only want to plant a seed of environmental conservation in the younger generation’s mind but also hope everyone can look at the world through the eyes of a child.”

Dr. Chuan-Chin Chiao, the Director General of the National Museum of Natural Science, expressed that “We live on land and usually are only familiar with intertidal zones or coastal wetlands. However, the ocean is the most important ecosystem on Earth and regulates climates on land. Whether typhoons in summer or cold fronts in winter, they are closely connected with ocean temperatures and currents. Algae in the ocean account most of the photosynthesis on Earth. The ocean also neutralizes the carbon emissions of greenhouse gases. In addition, the ocean is home to the greatest abundance of life on our planet and an important resource for humans. A balanced ocean ecosystem is the key for the sustainable development of humankind since the resources from the ocean are not inexhaustible. Although the ocean covers a broad region of Earth, its load capacity is limited. We should have an attitude of understanding and respect in regard to the ocean. Do not damage the ocean and cherish the resources the ocean provides. By getting close to and knowing more about the ocean, we build a habit of preserving the ocean. We should treat the ocean the same way we treat the land and make the ocean an integral part of our living circle.”

60 winners of the voting contest will receive The Top 20 Interesting Chemistry Classes in Science: Volumes 1 and 2 and the other 60 will receive The Top 20 Interesting Physics Classes: Volumes 1 and 2. The books will be provided by the co-organizer, wpd Taiwan. In addition, Covestro Taiwan will provide participation gifts to the top 300 voters who cast the highest number of votes. The gift is a shopping bag made of 2.8 recycled PET bottles. Contestants who pass the preliminary round will also receive a participation gift of two museum tickets provided by wpd Taiwan or an eco-friendly shopping bag provided by Covestro Taiwan.

Mr. Michael Lee, the Managing Director of Covestro Taiwan, said that “Marine debris is an issue without borders. According to Taiwan’s beach cleanup statistics, the most common debris collected in the cleanup activities is PET bottles and their caps. Through this voting contest, we hope that the adult and young voters will be able to gain awareness about current problems. We also want to send out a message that by recycling our garbage properly, we can give plastic products a second chance and contribute to a sustainable future for the Earth. Therefore we are providing an eco-friendly shopping bag made of recycled PET bottles as a participation gift. As highlighted by the theme of Earth Day 2022, let us take the actions to invest in our planet.”

About Brighter Minds for a Brighter World💕 National Environmental Education Story Contest

This contest has been organized by Covestro Taiwan with wpd Taiwan serving as a co-organizer, and the Ministry of Education serving as an advisor. Supporting institutions include the German Institute Taipei, the ECCT Low Carbon Initiative, the German Trade Office Taipei, the Jane Goodall Institute Taiwan, the National Parks and Natural Parks, the Construction and Planning Agency, the National Taiwan Science Education Center, the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology, the National Museum of Natural Science, the National Science and Technology Museum, the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquariums, and media partner CSR@CW. The contest is aimed at children below 12 years old. Its mission is to foster awareness within these children of the current environmental challenges facing humankind and encourage them to make a commitment to protecting the Earth.

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