Corporate Social Responsibility

Children’s book: “Bright Minds for a Brighter World”

As one example of our CSR activities in ASEAN, Covestro and its partners launched a coloring activity book called “Bright Minds for a Brighter World” with the purpose of educating Thai youth on the harmful effects of improper waste disposal on the environment, particularly on the ocean.

Among Covestro’s partners for the project are the Research and Development Center on Education for Sustainable Development Innovations - Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University, the Science Centre for Education and the Federation of Thai Industries.

The book “Bright Minds for a Brighter World” tells the adventure of “Young Guardians” with superpowers set out on a search for the root cause of marine litter after they find a sea turtle with a plastic straw stuck in her nose. They find that the source of ocean trash is human’s improper waste disposal and lack of environmental awareness. The story ends with an illustration of correct ways to dispose of waste, including classification knowledge as well as recycling, reducing and re-using process.

The book was distributed through many schools nationwide. Covestro employee volunteers also visited the neighboring schools of its sites in the country to engage directly with the school kids.

The storybook of “Brighter Minds for a Brighter World EP 1", Thai and English bilingual version, can be downloaded here.

The storybook of “Brighter Minds for a Brighter World EP 2", Thai and English bilingual version, can be downloaded here.

The Chinese and English bilingual storybook from Covestro Taiwan can be downloaded here.

BMBW The Young Guardians EP.1 Application

“BMBW The Young Guardians EP.1” is a narrative-based, bilingual mobile application that is published by Covestro (Thailand) Co., Ltd. This application is further developed from the storytelling book “Bright Minds for a Brighter World”. The app highlights the devastating impact of user on the marine environment, and aims to arouse the curiosity and stimulate the interest of user through fun activities and an exciting, interactive story. Covestro hopes to convey to young people the importance of proper waste management in taking care of the environment, as well as the 3Rs, while encouraging them to become “Little Earth Guardians” themselves, by helping to make our environment a cleaner and happier place. This application has been inspired and adapted from an initial version that Covestro Taiwan developed.

The “BMBW The Young Guardians EP.1” story app can be downloaded from both the Apple Store and Google Play Store for free. The children can color in a picture and also record and share their own version of the story with their friends to show them how they can look after the environment as well. The app also provides immersion reading features for kids so that they can pick up new words with ease.

Bright Minds for a Brighter World

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