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Before Experiment... Safety Notice: Since your homes aren’t professional science laboratories, the most important principle for any experiment for children to conduct is that they are accompanied by adult, and that both adult and children fully understand the safety conditions of the experiment, the physical and chemical properties of the materials used, and the correct method to use. As long as you strictly follow the rules and instructions of the operating procedures, these experiments from Covestro MagicalMaterials School are safe for kids to complete with their parents. At the same time, remember to be careful and NOT to swallow any experimental materials, and keep the habit of washing your hands frequently, so that no chemicals are left on your hands!

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Care of Magical Creatures – Create your own pet

  • Magical molecular cuisine

    A crystal-clear pearl (tapioca) ball is one of the best treats to accompany drinks or ice on a hot summer’s day.

  • Magic Slime Experiment with borax

    Mix glue, borax and colorful pigments together and you can create an extendable and easily shapeable jelly-like magical slug!

  • Magic Slime Experiment with contact lens solution

    Mix glue, baking soda, contact lens solution, and colorful pigments, then you can create an extendable and easily shapeable jelly-like magical slug!

Magic Pharmacy – Formulate potion with magical power

  • Bouncing bubbles

  • Magical lava lamp

  • Baking Soda Rocket

  • The Magic 3D Drawing

  • Fun of stacking layers of color liquids

  • Rainbow Fountain

    Lots of bubbles keep coming out of the cup like a fountain! Baking soda and white vinegar are common household cleaning helpers in our daily life.

Deformation – Hide and seek

  • Dance of a disk images

    Do you know that before the birth of the optical disk, people listened to music from vinyl LP records and cassette tapes?

  • Magical invisible ink

    When you smear the magic liquid on the blank paper, handwriting slowly emerges. Could this be a legendary Treasure Map?

  • The blossoming of paper flowers

  • Magical color changing glasses

  • The Magic Fountain

  • The Cheerios Effect

  • Colorful dancing milk

  • The Mystery of Nanocarbon


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