Colorful in the values, developing colors

Colors developed in one CCDC is available worldwide anytime and can be produced in other sites with high color consistency and capability.

Launched in 2004 and strengthened in facilities, the center is the reference point for Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

It joins the CCDC of Newark (USA) and other 5 present in Thailand, India, China and Korea, which respectively follow the North American and Asian markets.

The Color Competence and Design Center aims to be a meeting point between clients, designers and all the "color community". Covestro offers customers its expertise and technical equipment to help them to find the best solutions to the various problems related to color. Covestro, with its know-how on products, evaluate whether and how to implement already in the process of compounding a color or an effect on the surface finishing.

For this purpose, it was created a workspace where customers can discuss and work closely with designers to identify new trends and to develop the technologies to implement them. The center also includes a showroom, the offices of the colorists of the laboratories.

Customized services for every customer

Color Competence & Design Center provides a wide portfolio of services and core know-how to assist customer in finding the right solution to its business.

Standard Color Services

  • Color match
  • Color match with automotive surface grains (Europlaque)
  • Sampling 25-250 Kg
  • Color request
  • Color transfer from grade to grade
  • Production of color Standard

Functional Color Development

  • Glazing and Infra-Red Customized Color matches (IR-management)
  • Colors with improved resistance against UV light
  • Diffusion colors for lighting application (LED, etc.)
  • Screening of new pigments and colorants

Technology Development

  • RHCM for color match and color development
  • Quick match color technology patented by Covestro
  • Formulation Software

Support and Training

  • Real time color match at CCDC
  • Color day training for customers, marketing and sales Forces
  • Color support for compounding plant, marketing and customer

Color aesthetics effects and visual appearances

  • Brilliant Colors
  • Translucent colors
  • Piano black
  • Metallic effects
  • Marble effect
  • Phosphorescent and Fluorescent effects
  • Edge colors
  • Functional Colors

    • Translucent colors (LED light Diffusion)
    • High Reflective White (Reflectors and High light density application)
    • Light-stable colors (Improved UV stability)
    • UV Cut-Off for Sun Glass
    • Infrared light absorption colors (IR protection, Laser Welding, Laser marking and Glazing)
    • Infrared light transmission colors (Sensor and Controller)

    Color, Surfaces and Design

    • Color Development on new Surfaces
    • Color Match with Rapid Heat Cycle Moulding Technology
    • High Gloss and low gloss new dimension in surface design

    Special Color Development: Medical, FDA and Toy


    Color and Material formulation in compliance with ISO-10993 and US Food and Drug administration biocompatible guideline.

    FDA and Toys

    Water bottle and other different FDA applications and Colors for toys in compliance with the European regulation: Toys Safety Directive 2009/48/EC.

    GMP Production

    Good Manufacturing Practice are applied in all our compound plant.


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