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Let’s take alternative raw materials that do not come from fossil sources such as petroleum, and clean energy produced with renewable resources such as wind and solar power. That’s how we develop particularly sustainable plastics – climate-neutral* and following the principle of the circular economy. In the long term, we want to offer a climate-neutral version of all of our products. Today, we introduce our CQ solutions.
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They are the material of our time: plastics. Thanks to their excellent properties, they are used practically everywhere and are indispensable for mastering the many global challenges – be it the mobility of the future, cities that are worth living in, or the nutrition and medical care of the growing world population. The downside of plastics: they are still largely made from fossil raw materials releasing greenhouse gases that are harmful to the climate. We do not only want to address this challenge but resolve it. One solution at a time with CQ.

CQ is derived from Circular Intelligence. All Covestro solutions that carry the “CQ” label are living proof of our CE vision becoming a reality: by using alternative raw materials as well as energy sources and unique chemical recycling technologies, we showcase our Circular Intelligence, transforming the industry to achieve climate neutrality. As of today, all CQ solutions comprise at least 25% alternative raw material.

By moving away from linear production and consumption, we not only want to reduce our own CO₂ footprint, but also help our customers in many key sectors on their way to a sustainable future. Because they can improve their environmental balances and at the same time fulfill the sustainability wishes of consumers.

Polyurethane foam insulation panels can be made with climate-neutral components.

In the long term, Covestro wants to provide a climate-neutral version of each of its products. For example, a variant of our versatile high-performance plastic polycarbonate, which we manufactured from mass-balanced organic waste and residues and renewable energy, is already on the market. We also offer the foam component MDI, produced according to the same way and also climate-neutral according to the “cradle to gate” method.

* Climate neutrality is the result of an assessment of a partial product life cycle from resource extraction (cradle) to the factory gate, also referred to as “cradle to gate assessment.”

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