Dr. Ulrich Liman

 Dr. Ulrich Liman
Senior Vice President Research & Development

Since 2014 Dr. Ulrich Liman has been working as Senior Vice President for R&D in the Polyurethanes business unit at Covestro AG.

Dr. Liman was born on March 5, 1959 in Gütersloh, Germany. He studied chemistry at the Freie University Berlin, Germany, and began his career at Bayer AG in 1989, working as Innovation Manager for automotive applications in the Polyurethanes Business Group in Leverkusen. In 1996, he became a board member for Application & Research Development at Sumika Bayer Urethane Ltd., Amagasaki, Japan. In 2001, he returned to Bayer AG at Leverkusen as Technical Product Manager MDI.
In 2004, he became Vice President for Business Development within the BMS Business Unit Polycarbonates for Europe and in 2007 also became responsible for polycarbonates compounding production.

Before taking on his present job, in 2011 Dr. Liman took on responsibility for R&D in the Asia Pacific Region with a focus on the Polymer Research Development Center in Shanghai, China.