High level of safety in production

Fault-free and high-tech

Operating safely and reliably is essential for Covestro, particularly with regard to the well-being of employees and local residents, the environment and ultimately for workflows and business success. The objective is to ensure a high level of safety in all plants worldwide.
Experiments must be safe, such as these trials with polyurethane foam in Shanghai.

Be it in research, product development or production, employees at Covestro must have a mastery of complex production processes and facilities. Standardized and systematic procedures as well as compliance with global regulations help ensure and enhance safety. However, should incidents occur, the company analyzes them and takes the necessary steps to prevent any recurrences.

Just as important as the competence of employees is the technology. Plants and processes are subject to continuous review and are kept up-to-date with state-of-the-art technology. All facilities satisfy regulatory requirements imposed on the operators of industrial plants.

Many raw materials, services, technical goods and other supplies have to be sourced from third parties. In this case, all parties concerned have to work hand-in-hand to ensure that deliveries comply with required specifications, standards and regulations.

Safety extends through delivery to the customer

Another key safety criterion besides modern plants and processes is the transport of goods, particularly when it comes to hazardous goods. Covestro’s efforts here extend over the entire value-added chain, from the correct choice of logistics partners to the unloading of the goods with the customer.