Employee safety programs

Preventing incidents together

Incidents don’t just happen – they always have a cause. Covestro aims to further reduce their number with a range of safety programs, training sessions and other measures.
The company strives to make the working environment safe.

The company is working around the world to make the work environment safer for all employees. It records and analyzes every occupational incident in an effort to eliminate possible hazard sources.

And it is on the right track. The incident rate has been remaining low for a couple of years. In 2014, it was again at just 0.30 per 200,000 hours worked – meaning that 41 incidents happened worldwide with some 14,500 employees. These are already outstanding figures by the standards of our industry. However, the long-term objective is zero incidents.

To accomplish this, everyone has to pitch in. Preventing occupational incidents is not just a management responsibility. Each and every employee is called upon to periodically review the safety of workflows, and to refine the standards. After all, any incident is one too many.

Covestro’s concern is not limited to the well-being of its employees, however. The health and safety of its suppliers and service providers naturally is just as important to the company.