Plastics help save electricity and support renewable energies

From house wall to wind turbine

There are many ways of saving energy. Examples include providing homes with effective insulation, using modern refrigeration equipment and switching to energy-saving lighting. High-grade plastics such as strong, lightweight polycarbonate or polyurethane foam insulating panels are needed in these cases. Covestro manufactures relevant components and takes care of their further development.
Covestro provides innovative materials for sustainable solutions, for example for renewable energies.
Buildings are true energy guzzlers, accounting for about 40 percent of global consumption. A great deal can be done to make buildings more ecological and economical, though. Insulating them effectively, for example, means far less energy is required for heating and climate control.

This can be achieved using rigid polyurethane foam. Insulation panels made from this material can be used virtually anywhere – for facades, walls, floors, ceilings or roofs. The material has also significantly improved the energy efficiency of refrigerators and freezers.

Enhanced efficiency

Other kinds of polyurethanes support renewable energies by easing the production of wind turbine rotor blades and making them far lighter and longer, which facilitates increasing the electricity yield.

The high-tech plastic polycarbonate is particularly helpful when it comes to energy-saving mobility. It helps make cars lighter so that they consume less fuel. Also, lenses of energy-saving light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which are increasingly being used for applications such as automotive lighting, are often made from the material.